Artistically yours 

This is a satire

This is a satire

Recently, an oil painting by local artist Becky Hall Fehsenfeld was removed from Mayor Bart Peterson"s office after several visitors and staff members complained that the painting was "frightening." A correspondence ensued between the artist and the mayor, wherein the artist agreed to replace the offending painting with a new one. NUVO can only imagine what this exchange might have contained Ö
Honorable Mayor Peterson: I was saddened to learn that my oil painting of African children blowing bubbles was deemed inappropriate for display at your offices. While this type of censorship leaves me shocked and deeply saddened, I am not unreasonable, which is why I"m pleased to include a replacement painting. My newest creation is a depiction of local area children frolicking in their mother"s SUV on their way to soccer practice. If you look closely, you will notice that, not only are the children scrubbed clean and smiling, but their mother is wearing a "Don"t Blame Me, I Voted for Bart" campaign button. I hope that this new example of self-expression and deep artistic importance meets with your approval. Artistically yours (literally), B H Fx P.S. I realize how busy you must be, but with the recent spring rains, the sewers in my neighborhood are again overflowed. WOW! Is anything being done to alleviate this issue? Dear Municipally Sanctioned Artist: Your spirit of acquiescence is what makes government work. While your previous picture was indeed thought-provoking, or at least appropriately-sized, it is important to remember that children do not vote, especially children from foreign countries. Your most recent painting is a step in the right direction as it at least contains a parent. The political button was a charming addition; however, we would like to suggest that in subsequent submissions you also work in a bumper sticker that reads, and I"m paraphrasing here because this is entirely up to your individual artistic vision, "Indianapolis: Paris of the Midwest - But Without the Rude People." Again, I"ll leave the final wording up to you. In the spirit of (your) cooperation (with me), Your Mayor P.S. While sewer overflow is a concern, prioritization is an important part of politics, which is why my office is currently occupied with a review of artwork displayed in Indianapolis area physician"s waiting rooms. Thank you for your patience.

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