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During a fun-filled night at Club Kameleon, Aynie Olmstead displays her bouncy home-made hair extensions, made by herself for a total of $7. Prices for ready-made extensions vary from a few dollars to as much as $200, and they’re available from most hair supply stores or Web sites like

Artificial locks are easily applied to a small bun in your hair and look real from a distance or sharp and cool-as-hell up close. They can create looks as restrained as Victorian elegance or as flairful as a party streamer gone awry.

Olmstead herself is a perfect example of how much character the extensions can bring to a look. She likes to create different arrangements and colors for her hair from day to day and from club to club, changing her own head as often as some people change boots. Over the course of just a few weeks I saw her with these long locks, shorter but highly poofy styles piled up high on the back of her head, multicolored party-streamer style hair and several more. Sometimes I didn’t even recognize her. But no matter what the look, she was always one of the most distinctive figures on the dance floor.

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