Art of the Poster: Six local artists behind the groovy graphics 

Maybe you're already familiar with the graphic designers and illustrators we're profiling this week. Maybe you make the effort to find the equivalent of an author's signature on every poster that catches your eye. You take down that name, you seek out that designer; you call her up when you're looking at her stolen poster on your wall to tell her you're admiring her handiwork.

But we'll make a bet that the poster designer still remains something of a mysterious creature for you. You know and her or his work, but a week later, you're wondering who did that whimsical OK GO poster, or that other one for the Naptown Roller Girls. You never had time to find the name. So we decided we'd help you out and shine a light on some under-celebrated artists.

In addition to writer Greg Winget's story on designers Dave Windisch and Stacy Curtis of Mile 44, we also asked four other Indiana-based artists to tell us about about themselves and their work.

Click on each artist's name to read, in their own words, why they are so devoted to designing these pieces in support of the local arts, culture and music scenes. We've also attached a slideshow for each so you can revisit some great posters you might remember and discover new works you might have missed.

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Mille 44: We visit Dave Windisch at his Bargersville studio, where he shows us how he and his partner Stacy Curtis come up with those playful concert posters for My Old Kentucky Blog and Spirit of '68, among others.

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Amy McAdams: The go-to designer for the Harrison Center and Tonic Ball, explains why she thinks that "the most beautiful work being done today is poster art."

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Aaron Scamihorn: From Marushka prints to sketching Naptown Roller Girls, the young web designer and graphic artist is on a quest to master screen printing.

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Eric Stine: The Fort Wayne-born graphic designer tells of his early days, when he and his cohorts at Lodge Design plastered the town with lovingly hand-screened poster prints.

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David Woodruff: The Bloomington-based Woodruff got into poster designing by way of being in rock bands and continues to play in The Delicious and Sleeping Bag when he's not working in the visual arts.


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