Apples, oranges and Muslims 

The only thing I could think of when I saw your current cover (re: the cost of a war and suggested costs of providing for all the children of the world) was, “Wow, talk about an apples-oranges comparison.” (Cover, March 14-21)

Any war on terror requires an organized, well-armed, well-equipped military, supported by a nation-state with the support of most of its people, whereas the individuals who produce all those children should be responsible for the care of their own children.

Even assuming that we should, for some liberal reason, be responsible for the care of all the world’s children, you need to think of what would be the result if we neglected the war being waged on all of civilization by the murderous, terrorist Muslims around the world. If we quit strongly countering the terrorists, those Muslims would gain ascendancy. What would happen if those terrorists controlled parts of the world? There would be virtually no health care, even basic sanitation would be non-existent, food would be in short supply, education would be extremely limited and constricted, and all females would be terribly crushed. Where would those children be then? They certainly wouldn’t be better off than they are now.

Without a successful war on terror, nothing else will matter. I am shocked that anyone can fail to understand a basic fact: if we fail to act to protect our values, they will disappear. Radical Muslims (and that includes huge numbers of them) will accept no compromise; they insist that everyone live according to their primitive standards.

Our very way of life is being challenged. If the terrorists win, children all over the world will suffer far more than can be imagined now.

William Runyon


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