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Pen 15 Club, Two Bit Terribles, Choking Susan, Urinal Mints

Bubba’s Bowling Club
Saturday, Feb. 26

This week’s PRN was another great show, starting with a group of Broad Ripple regulars that joined together to form a band called the Pen 15 Club — formerly the Insurgents — with a sound like The Varukers and Infa Riot put together, and just as much energy. The singer, “Cleffy,” was complaining about playing first, but although the audience was small, they all got into it, especially when Pen 15 played their only cover, “Feel The Rage” by Infa Riot.

Next up was Two Bit Terribles, a female-fronted local band that used to have two former members of BYD, another local band — now only one, though, after they had a falling out with the drummer. They don’t seem to have suffered much, though: They have a new drummer that sounds awesome.

The next band, Choking Susan, had a female singer as well (known as “Colleen Caffeine”), and stopped in Indianapolis on their way through town. They have The Ramones and Johnny Thunders listed as influences, so you can imagine what they sounded like. The final band was the Urinal Mints, comedic sex-crazed stoner punk — they had rolling papers on their merch table with “URINAL MINTS” stamped across the package (“for all our stoner fans”). I looked away at the wrong moment while they were playing — or maybe the right moment — because apparently there were sex toys involved in their set. A lot of them.

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