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Psychonubs, The Spunks, The Slurs, The Affronted
Bubba’s Bowling Club
Saturday, Feb. 19

This Saturday was another awesome show at Bubba’s Bowling. The Slurs were the main act, along with Japanese punk band The Spunks, The Affronted from Vincennes and The Psychonubs.

The Psychonubs played first and had a good pit going almost all the way through — which is an accomplishment in itself. The Spunks were next and were reminiscent of Peelander Z, another crazy Japanese band who played PRN a few weeks ago — there was even question of whether the guitarist/singer of The Spunks was the same person as the drummer from Peelander. They ran on stage screaming and the guitarist was holding what looked like motorcycle handlebars, then played a fast, loud set where I could barely understand a word. They played what sounded like a cover of “I Love Rock ’N’ Roll,” which was apparently changed to “I Love Wonton Soup.” I did understand some of the song introductions — one about sex, one referred to as the “little weenie song” and for the last song: The drummer asked how to say “masturbate” in Japanese. The guitarist yelled the answer and they launched into the song. Halfway through, he handed off his guitar to a kid from the audience so he could jump off the amps, then took it back and started to play with a vibrator as a pick for the rest of the song.

Then The Slurs came on — the kings of Indiana rock ’n’ roll — and played most of their CD and a few other songs as well, my personal favorites being “Sonic Offspring” and “We Want More.” The singer, Justin Allen, had his usual stage presence and I saw that he traded the “Jesus loves me” pin that he wore the last time I saw them live for one with a heart and the word “vaginas” written across it. Some of the audience seemed surprised at first to hear pure rock ’n’ roll coming from the stage, but after a few songs, everybody was at least tapping their feet.

The last band was The Affronted, a street punk band from Vincennes, who played a good set of mostly originals and a cover of “Ultra-Violence” by the Lower Class Brats. The bassist told me that they don’t usually do any covers but they decided that it would be good to give everyone a song that they knew — and nearly everyone did. They still had everybody moving by the end of the show and that says how good it was — the show was amazing all the way through.

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