An interview with Tyler Watkins 


Tyler Watkins (bassist from Margot & The Nuclear So and So's, pictured 2nd from the right above) took a few minutes to chat with NUVO while on the road in support of their newest release, Buzzard. The band will headline the kick off party for the Broad Ripple Music Festival on Friday October 15th at The Vogue.

NUVO: How has the tour been so far? Any fun stories or special events to share from the road?
The Buzzard tour has been stupendous. We shared a Boston venue with a deranged millionaire, built a bonfire in Queens, and hosted the dreaded scorpion tongue pepper challenge in Tallahassee.

NUVO: The band is getting lots of positive feedback from the new album. Will new material dominate the Broad Ripple Music Festival Kick Off Show on October 15th?
Yes. We'll play plenty of songs from our other albums as well.

NUVO: Aside from the obvious Indianapolis connection, how did Margot get involved with The Broad Ripple Music Festival this year?
Daniel Fahrner and the wonderful people at Musical Family Tree and Small Box asked us to play. We have a random picture of Dan and his wife taped to the engine of our decrepit tour bus, The Black Plague. I suspect Christian Taylor tagged the picture when America Owns the Moon borrowed The Plague to head to SXSW. The picture is clearly powering the engine of The Black Plague.

NUVO: Will you be around on Saturday for the main festival? What shows do you plan to catch?
I plan to drink a fair amount of java at the Monon Coffee Shop and bounce from show to show like a lot lizard in a fresh field of Flying J Semis. So many shows to check out: Pravada, Jookabox, We are Hex, Everything, Now!, Hotfox, Christian Taylor, Indian City Weather, The Bonesetters, Works Cited, Neon Love Life, Thunderhawk, Vacation Club, The Kemps, The Innate, Dead Beats, Marmoset, Slothpop, CMNDR, Mudkids, Mic Sol and Ace One.

NUVO: Have you been to BRMF before?
Yes. We've played the festival once before. I'm looking forward to having more time to catch shows this year. I hear proceeds will help out Keep Indianapolis Beautiful.

NUVO: What’s next for you, aside from completing the tour?
We begin recording the next Margot album immediately following the Buzzard tour. We're looking forward to locking ourselves in the studio for the upcoming winter months. Brawls will ensue. Blood will be shed. Beauty will be captured on tape.

Also, I'm currently finishing albums with Everything, Now!, The Bears of Blue River, Hotfox, Cowboy Angels, and Eureka Birds. I'm also listening to demos from various bands that reach out to me. I have plenty of time to listen to new music while riding around the country on The Black Plague.


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