America's collective craze to "trust God" 

The letter from Abram Hess in NUVO (Letters, "Be Healed," Sept. 19-26) had several serious errors, the first being that Christianity is 2,000 years old. It came, officially, 1,700 years ago thanks to an emperor named Constantine who declared it in existence.

Why should even 1,700 years of "church doctrine" be accepted by rational, reasoning and thinking humans? A lie is a lie a million years after it is told. Repeating a lie over and over does not make it a fact.

The ugliness in Scripture equals or exceeds all the "nice" passages excerpted selectively by televangelists and in weekly sermons across the land.

Mr. Hess knows nothing of "John the Baptist," just as no one else does either. Scripture is one of the least reliable historical documents on Earth, without a single corroborating document anywhere. "Faith" is not a way to verify Scriptural claims.

In America's collective craze to "trust God," I think it is proper to ask: Trust to do what? Save lives in Iraq? World War II? Protect motorists on highways dotted with white crosses? Divert deadly storms away from shorelines? Ease the physical suffering of millions?

As for a "second coming" we hear incessantly from pulpits, it is impossible without a "first coming." Human virgins do not have babies with invented spirits. Not then, not now, not ever! Those births throughout history, all of them, are acknowledged to be myths, to be inventions.

Robert Corya


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