Along the Lines with Jeff George 

The No.1 overall pic

The No.1 overall pick in the 1990 NFL Draft, Jeff George played four seasons with the Indianapolis Colts before moving on to the Falcons, Raiders, Vikings and Redskins. With 154 career TD throws and an 80.4 QB rating, he's trying to land a free agent deal and launch a comeback at age 37. He's also the featured analyst on the NUVO/Champps Colts Postgame show every Sunday on ESPN Sports Radio 950 AM.
Q: What do you think your prospects are on landing with a team this year? A: I honestly don't know. I've heard from three or four different teams. It'll probably take an injury [to someone else] for me to get back in the league. As far as being in shape, and ready to go, it's a year-round job for me. I work out 12 months a year and I throw the ball three or four times a week as well. I'm ready. I'm just waiting for that phone call. Q: Do you feel like you were scapegoated in Indianapolis by the fans and media? A: I don't know. I don't concern myself with that. Being a starting quarterback in the NFL is a high honor. It's always tough to come back and play at home. It was a great four years here for me. It obviously didn't go the way I'd hoped, but that's the way it is. It wasn't meant to work out for me. They're having success now, and that's great. Q: What was your greatest moment as a pro? A: You know what? There's a lot of moments. You can take each team and pick out moments. Going to the playoffs and winning in the playoffs is great. But the greatest moment for me was that I worked hard in junior high and high school as a kid, going to college and being fortunate enough to take it to that next step. Being drafted No.1 was the biggest high. You set goals for yourself and winning a Super Bowl has been a goal of mine and will be one until I retire. Q: How good, really, do you think the Colts will be this year? A: I don't see them getting beat going into the Patriots game. And with the way the Patriots are playing now, the Colts could honestly be the first team since the Dolphins to go undefeated. That's a fair goal, if they stay healthy. Q: Talk about the Jeff George Foundation, because I know that it's important to you. A: It's near and dear to my heart. We raise money for breast cancer awareness. We've arranged for free mammograms all the time. We've teamed up with St. Vincent Hospital and they're a great sponsor. My mom was diagnosed with breast cancer three years ago and, thank God, she's in remission. She's doing great. All of my time and all my attention goes to that goal.

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