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A Tuna Christmas
Theatre on the Square
Directed by Ron Spencer
Through Dec. 11

Last January, Beef & Boards had a special addition to their season: Greater Tuna. You were introduced to the many characters of small town Tuna, Texas, and their idiosyncrasies. The play was performed by two people who use miraculously quick costume changes and characterization to portray the town’s inhabitants. Theatre on the Square is offering another look into Tuna with A Tuna Christmas, which revisits the town, its people and their strange habits. If you saw Greater Tuna at B&B, you saw how a Tuna show should be performed. Sadly, TOTS’ rendition doesn’t hit any of the markers that make for a proper Tuna show. Jonathan Horton and Dave Ruark, two talented local actors, don’t live up to their past performances here. Each has 11 characters to contend with, but too many of them blend into one another due to lack of individual personality and voices. The necessary costume changes take too long, and are often accompanied by way too much backstage noise. It’s obvious we are waiting on Ruark or Horton to get into the proper wig, etc., and the one left on stage is killing time. Scene changes are excessively long as well. Lack of props forces the men to mime actions such as making a cup of coffee, which drags on the farce as well. And the comedy — this is a comedy, after all — falls flat more often than not. Friday night saw a decent-sized audience, but laughter was scant and felt somewhat forced. Come on, guys, you can do better than this. A Tuna Christmas continues at Theatre on the Square, 627 Massachusetts Ave., through Dec. 11; 637-8085,

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