Album review: Same as Sunday, "The Dollar for Dollar" EP 

Same as Sunday fits in well with the upbeat new punk of today, and the public seems to agree. They've won several local battle of the bands competitions and were named an Unsigned Band of the Month by AP Magazine in December 2008. Their distorted powerchords and simple chord progressions follow in the tradition started by mainstream pop punkers like Blink 182 and Alkaline Trio. This is fun, sing-along punk, with harmonized, repetitive choruses sung in the nasal whine characteristic of the genre.

The opening track, "An Ode to Ms. Communication," starts off with tom rolls and goes into neatly palm-muted low powerchords that introduce the high, angsty vocals. One high-energy track switches swimmingly to the next one, "In My Way," which follows a similar formula to its predecessor, but includes slower sections where the instrumentals back off and allow the vocals to feature. Tidy, fast guitar solos follow poppy drums that hint that they might be able to do far more than this genre requires.

"One in a Million," pokes hopefully intentional fun at the bands own predictable sound with the lines "All aboard the cliché gotta hate sellouts and your dad if you wanna be rad...slit our wrists I'll sell my soul, 'cause we're so original..."

This EP may be just yet another example of the new-pop-punk that is infiltrating the vocals, but the band members seem to be fully aware of it. Best of all, they keep their sense of humor and don't mind laughing at themselves and the silly clichés of their genre - they're even willing to pay tribute to those original murderers of "true" punk rock, Green Day, with a clever reference to "Nice Guys Finish Last" on "Against All Evens."

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