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Lisa Gauthier

Damani Singleton as Thurgood Marshall in the IRT production of 'The Color of Justice'
The Color of Justice Indiana Repertory Theatre Directed by Priscilla Lindsay Through March 11 In recognition of Black History Month, the Indiana Repertory Theatre presents The Color of Justice, a play that looks at the Brown vs. the Board of Education trial through the eyes of one family. It is part of the IRT’s Discovery Series, which aims theater towards students. But just because the show is meant to help students understand what life was like for blacks in the 1950s doesn’t mean it has no appeal for wider audiences. The show gives us a smart point of view: one family’s courage to see the case through in the face of threats from their community — not only for their own daughter, but for black children across the country. The personalization of the story helps to make the point clear that change was dangerous, and there were many unsung heroes in the battle for racial equality. Taylor Bolejack as 9-year-old Grace Carter (she alternates performances with Sophia Wright Daniels) is perfectly natural in her performance. The adult actors chime in with good performances as well, most notably Damani Singleton as a likeable Thurgood Marshall and Bryant Bentley as the charismatic father Ernest Carter. Costumes (Martin Chapman-Bowman) and scenic design (Robert M. Koharchik) are both appropriate and lovely. Priscilla Lindsay’s direction keeps the 70-minute show moving forward. The Color of Justice continues public performances Saturdays though March 11. Tickets are $39. Call the IRT, 140 W. Washington St., at 317-635-5252, www.indianarep.com


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