A rock 'n' roll baptism 

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Show Review
EtherBees, Viva Vendetto, The Lou Reeds, Everything Now! Hideaway On Hillside Saturday, Nov. 20 Over 60 people experienced a "musical baptism" last Saturday at Wooden Man Records Showcase at the Hideaway On Hillside. The EtherBees commenced the revival with highly-rehearsed funk on drums, congas and a double organ. Their tight grooves sounded like old Meters' records at a house party - lounge-y and laid-back. The talented keyboardist respectably ripped it up on two stacks at once. Their solid Latin-jazz rhythm section is arguably in the city's top echelon, with bands like Blackberry Jam and Undefeatable Beats. Then fans rushed the stage for Carbondale's Viva Vendetto, an intense, raging rock band that screamed through songs like early Modest Mouse. The intense tunes kept a quick tempo, and almost started a mosh-pit by the end of the set. The Lou Reeds then built on the high energy with extended, intricate jams, some in the vein of Sonic Youth's "Rain on Tin." Carrie from Arcade screamed along with the singer. As they broke into noise, they baptized "Pentecostal" rock fans handling a giant stuffed snake in the air. Everything Now! brought the house down with an eclectic array of bells, guitars, keyboards, tambourine, trumpet, alto sax and, yes, a xylophone. The band started with a country-punk diddy, and then switched gears for an intense rhythmic joyride. They screamed, bounced, raged, at times switching instruments three times over in the same jam. The tightly-structured rock tunes transformed into brilliant chaos as the six members grabbed all the instruments they could find and raged on ... everything. Wow.

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