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As an American of Latino ancestry, I am an observer (or sometimes chosen recipient) of innuendo or outright discrimination. I must say I rolled my eyes upon seeing the front-page graphic and title page for your article “Blood In, Blood Out” (Cover, June 6-13). As a former frequent reader of more sensationalistic pulp such as the L.A. Times, whose content ranges invariably from credible to outrageous, I was really concerned that (with Indiana being the home of former governor and Ku Klux Klansman Edward Jackson) there may have been at least a subtle bent against Latinos in your article.

I was both surprised and delighted at Mr. Beck’s engaging, unbiased and matter-of-fact reporting method. I wish to especially thank him for including Hendricks County Sheriff David Galloway’s comment, “What bothers me about this gang situation is that it paints Hispanics in a bad light. Most are good people, wanting to better themselves.”

Yes, there are some bad apples among any lot. No doubt some are already here or on the way. But I appreciate your acknowledgement that many Latinos came here to America for very much the same reason our ancestors did — to pursue the American dream as they see it.

As a follow-up to Beck’s article, if there isn’t one already written, I would really also appreciate seeing an article on the contributions Latinos have made in Indiana’s history, society and economy.  

My compliments again on your realistic article “Blood In, Blood Out” and the fair and unbiased reporting it demonstrated.

John Melendez



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