A preview of Crossroads Comedy 

Crossroads Comedy Festival is a perennial comedy bulb that brightens the local landscape.

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Crossroads Comedy festival is here this weekend to dish out a healthy mix of improv, stand-up, podcasting and an LGBTQ Musical Comedy Showcase. The fall comedy festival is taking place the October 7 – 9, and will make your weekend full of laughter and jokes you wish you'd thought of. The festival is also a fundraiser for INDYPROV, a nonprofit organization that also gives back the community. INDYPROV provides educational workshops, raises money for other local organizations, and, yes, they provide comedy shows to Indianapolis. Crossroads Comedy Festival also helps the community by bringing in national and international acts to Indiana to bring new voices into our community and provide a platform for all types of Indiana comedy. Here's a few of the featured performers.

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Zach Noe Towers

Zach Noe Towers is a stand-up comedian, actor and writer who grew up in the Midwest, lived in Bloomington while attending Indiana University and is now based in Los Angeles, Calif. Towers' work is sharp-tongued and energetic. Towers' jokes are the comebacks everyone wishes they had for that one cousin who says problematic things on the internet even though they are a good person deep down. Towers' tightly written jokes allow him to both deliver a scalding critique of growing up in the Midwest while also affectionately engaging with it.

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Sean Patton

Originally from New Orleans, comedian Sean Patton is the meat and potatoes of comedy — his standup is something you could use to base your comedic diet. You might know him from Comedy Central, Conan, Late Night with Jimmy Fallon and Inside Amy Schumer. You know, all those shows that everyone loves and talks about a lot. Your dad might even recognize a few of those shows. The point is, Sean Patton is an extremely accomplished veteran comedian who's relatable, warm and feels like he's an old college buddy telling stories at a wedding, except he's way more coherent and much, much funnier.

History Under the Influence

If the idea of a high school history teacher drunk explaining the American Revolution is at all appealing, imagine that coupled with highly trained (and sober) improvisers attempting to keep up the tale. RIYL: drinking, history, or the show Drunk History.

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