A mediocre frat party 

Damn. That's too bad to read about that (Hammer, "RIP, the Patio," Oct. 26-Nov. 2). I think the demo

Damn. That’s too bad to read about that (Hammer, “RIP, the Patio,” Oct. 26-Nov. 2). I think the demographics of Broad Ripple did more to bring that about more than anything else. With the Landsharks, Mineshafts, etc. on the north side of Broad Ripple Avenue, the Patio had less room for error in trying to pack the place. Unimaginative band bookings like Dave and Rae every other week probably didn’t help. The period when Birdy’s actually booked legitimate bands probably sent the Patio past the point of no return.

Let’s face it, Broad Ripple is just a mediocre frat party now. There’s not a single iota of the iconoclastic strip that existed when people like you and me were in high school. I suppose the people who go there have a good time, but it just strikes me as being kind of bland. With Birdy’s seemingly in decline, here’s hoping the Music Mill can hold up.

By the by, your sports column really ought to show some love to Bob Lovell and Indiana Sports Talk sometime.

Pete Miesel

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