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Local Film Paul F. P. Pogue Cast members Mike Jansen, Ric Payne, Terri Mann, director Dan Hall, Lil' Kev, Lianna Hall and Moli Hall at the 'EZ Money' premiere at the Indiana History Center. EZ Money is an entertaining family adventure film, directed by Indianapolis’ Dan T. Hall. This is Hall’s third outing as director; his previous film, Lil River Rats, saw his daughter Moli as a young girl leading an impromptu crew on a shaky boat in search of river treasure. This time around sees a slightly older and considerably more troublemaking Moli as a con artist loan-sharking her way through junior high school. She finds that some scams get the better of her when she and her makeshift gang of friends fall for the Nigerian e-mail scheme and end up pursued by the CIA, the cops and the Nigerian Scam Mafia, led by the delectably devilish Dukane Dulante (played by producer Terri Mann). Along the way, they’re aided and sometimes chased by a local loner cop (Ric Payne, of 69 the Highway — good to see him back in local film) and a CIA agent whose brain has been fried to hilarious effect (Mike Jansen, voice of the Colts, putting all his considerable vocal skills to work). Plus, it’s cameo city, including Jennie Devoe as a bartender, Tori Allen scaling buildings and Wank and O’Brien trashing the Indianapolis electrical grid. It’s all patently ridiculous, of course, but this is exactly the kind of thing that gives schoolkid adventures their charm. If Lil River Rats was an updated Mark Train river adventure, this is the spiritual descendent of Encyclopedia Brown, the Three Investigators, Lil Orphan Annie and every enthusiastic gang of plucky kids who outwit the smugglers and miraculously never get injured. I greatly enjoyed Lil River Rats, which has seen some moderate success on DVD and in frequent Showtime showings, but was aware of some pacing and editing drawbacks. Hall has grown as a filmmaker, and EZ Money is as tightly edited and constructed a film as one can ask for in the genre. EZ Money began an open-ended run at Greenbriar Cinema Grill this week. DVD details will be released soon. Check www.ezmoneymovie.com for more information.

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