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Re: “A Failed Project?

Posting for: Eileen 'Norris' Doherty: I don't know what the deal was my comment. Anyone willing to post it for me?

If I use your logic and the quick analysis of the data like you have, then the majority of charter schools in this state should be shut down. For example, all the Imagine Schools post terrible passing rates for black students.

Imagine Life Sciences Acad. West - 32.8% passing both
Imagine Life Science Acad. East - 31% passing both
Imagine Schools on Broadway (Ft. Wayne) - 22.4% passing both
Imagine MASTer Academy (Ft. Wayne) - 27.1% passing both

And there are plenty more charter schools that have been around even longer that are still showing very little growth. Could it be that there is more going on? Absolutely.

We can't just take a quick glance at these numbers for any school. You also have to look at other stats like mobility rates (of staff and students), number of students in spec. ed., and numbers of students that have English as a second language. You also have to look to see if schools are addressing social and emotional needs of students. Are student thriving in the school? Do they feel valued? Do parents have a voice? Does the school reach out to families? What are schools doing to empower youth and especially the most marginalized groups? These questions could go on and on.

First, there is no way we can label a school as failing without giving them an opportunity to correct any of the problems. Schools have to adjust and change all the time depending on the students' needs. It take awhile for new schools to develop into the sort of learning communities that can institute great changes. How long exactly? I'm not sure. I know as a former charter school teacher that 4 years is not long enough.

The more important question is whether or not the school is on the right path. Can they tell you what they believe is needed to help students and can they offer that help?

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Posted by Char Walker on 07/31/2012 at 4:45 PM

Re: “A Failed Project?

Didn’t take too long for you to copy and paste I hope. I don’t understand why reiterating the mayor’s thoughts will assist with the situation at hand. 311 children displaced without due process or time to make adjustments or proper decisions for these children by their parents. I am a TPS parent and I want this school to stay open. The parent satisfaction rate is over 90% why wasn’t that a part of your article? Oh, and comparing us to IPS; seriously… IPS would have been given a chance to improve. We were denied that.
Pg. 10.) Student Goals:
1. Each student reads, writes and computes at or above grade level within the first three years
at our school.
Measurement: ISTEP+, NWEA, and School Specific Literacy, P3, and Investigations Assessments
The Mayor agreed to our proposal; is really too much to ask for him to stand behind his agreement?…
I was being nice, then I read your latest comment:
“To show the school is failing all you have to do is look at test results. I won't call you guys uppity, but there is something about a bunch of white liberals who want to exercise their inner guilty by sending their kids to school with black children that I do find fascinating, because the white students are doing relatively well while the black students' test scores suck. Ah, the joy of limousine liberals.” ~Posted by AdjunctAbdul on 07/31/2012 at 3:35 PM
How Dare You! Who are you to judge my family, our school, or our community? Now that you have stated this for the world to see: Seriously; till you know who someone is, making comments like that are just horrific. My children ride the bus. Nice limo, right? There is no inner guilt to send my daughters to TPS, I sent them there because it is the best opportunity available to them. I didn’t attribute color of the people of Martindale/Brightwood to my equation; I attribute my history with my old neighborhoods, and the quality of the Education that TPS was engaged in for all children. You are exactly what I am raising my children to not be. If they ever made a comment like that in a public forum, I would make them apologize, publically. If I had heard those words come out of your mouth, I would have said “Do You Kiss Your Mother with That Mouth?” But you typed it, the sentiment still stands.

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Posted by Char Walker on 07/31/2012 at 4:40 PM

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