2010 in Review: Local metal 

Two Retro-cool metal albums that demand to be taken seriously: Smoke Ring, Death of Love and The Cocaine Wolves, Royal Feast

These bands occupy this list for different reasons. Many people fail to give Smoke Ring the attention they deserve, perhaps because they sound like they stopped paying attention to new music in 1986. On this year's Death of Love, lead singer Chris Wisner finally found a band that can make things happen. Listen to "Hell's River" and "Life is Four" for some of the best old school boogie-fried metal around.

The Cocaine Wolves, on the other hand, refuse to take themselves seriously, and songs like "Love Right Live Tight" and "Balls City" are marvels of wink-and-a-nod hero worship. Stick around for "Station Fades Away" and ""Dingeaux's Montreux" to get your eyebrows blown off.

Tough News Department:

Now that Haste the Day is breaking up, Indy has less of a claim to the title of Christian metal capital. Thank God (literally!) that Rob Mason's Betrayed With a Kiss is ready to fill the void.

Things are looking up:

Between The Emerson, the Dojo and E.S. Jungle, it's now easier for kiddies to see metal then the drinking crowd. Look for a bunch more house shows to keep the metal alive in '11.


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