11 with the Eleven: Justin Braun 

The Indy Eleven forward talks vacations, dogs and karaoke

  • Indy Eleven/Trevor Ruszkowski
Thankfully the Indy Eleven season has begun and our short player profile series is back up and running too. This week we feature new Indy Eleven forward Justin Braun.

NUVO: What has been your favorite restaurant since moving here in January?

Justin Braun: My fiancé and I went to Stone Creek in the Hamilton [Town Center] for my birthday. We’ve only been to a couple but that has been the one that stood out so far … It was delicious.

NUVO: Bouncing off of that question, what is your perfect meal?

Braun: Anytime I go home my mom always ask me what she wants [her] to cook and she has these homemade enchiladas that she makes. They are probably my favorite, especially because she makes them out of a dutch oven.

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NUVO: Since we were talking about your day off earlier, what would you say is your ideal day off?

Braun: For me I like to be in the outdoors, I got a dog so I try to get out with her, she loves the water so probably be spending a lot of time near the river, or near the lakes. Obviously if its a day off where my fiancé has a day off we’ll be out with her as well. But for me it’s being outdoors.

NUVO: If you could switch shoes with any athlete for one day who would it be?

Braun: I’d probably go Karl Malone back in the day. Grew up watching him and he was one of my favorite players so I think it’d be cool to experience that.

NUVO: What is the best goal celebration you’ve seen, from either yourself, a teammate or an opposing player?

Braun: I’ll give you one of mine. It was last year we were playing the Timbers 2 team and after I scored I went over and pretended like I was chopping down the corner flag with a saw. That’s probably the best one I’ve had.

  • Indy Eleven/Trevor Ruszkowski

NUVO: Since National Pet Day just passed, if you could have any animal as a pet what would it be?

Braun: A dog. I’m a dog person. I currently have two now: a Chesapeake Bay Retriever named Kaia and then a little Chihuahua named Ping like ping-pong. So yeah, a really big one and a really small one.

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NUVO: You’ve got a few days off and you’re going on vacation — where you going?

Braun: I’d say so far the favorite place I’ve been has been Kauai in Hawaii. I’d probably go back there. We went there for a week a few years ago and absolutely loved it. Either there or my family — we’re a boating family — we grew up going to a lake in Wyoming called Fremont Lake so it’d be a tossup between either of those to go boating for a week.

NUVO: It’s Karaoke night at the local bar — what are you singing?

Braun: Oh jeez, that’s a tough one. To be honest I have no idea.

[Editor’s note: Like several Eleven before him, Braun needed a moment to think of a song]

NUVO: You’re a new addition to the team this year and the season is only two games underway. What are you looking forward to most going forward this season?

Braun: I think experiencing the city. Anytime you come to a new city you want to embrace it and get to know it and see what it has to offer. On the field we’re looking for success. I know the team has had a few rough years so we’re looking to bring a winning culture back to the city and get the fans excited about things again. The first goal is qualify for the playoffs at the end of the year and then anything can happen from there.

NUVO: If you had to give up one of your senses which would it be?

Braun: I’d probably say smell. I think that would be the easiest one to give up.

NUVO: Favorite movie?

Braun: I’m not a big movie guy.

NUVO: Well forget that then. Back to karaoke — what are you singing?

Braun: I’ll just go with the song I list en to before games to get me going — “Lose Yourself” by Eminem.


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