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There are sushi restaurants where you should go for the nigiri and sashimi options and there are places to go for the rolls. This is a roll restaurant and while some sushi aficionados find that to mean it's lower quality, that isn't the case here, it's just that they craft some fucking incredible rolls like the Foxy Lady, the Tiger Roll, the American Dream (you can never go wrong with succulent, deep fried soft-shell crab), and for something that still resembles sushi go for the gorgeous Rainbow Roll.  Another interesting aspect to the menu here is the option of all-you-can-eat sushi. ALL-YOU-CAN-EAT!
The fence enclosed patio out the back door of this SoBro bar provides a shady spot to enjoy lunch under the umbrellas during the day and a nice outdoor dining experience at night. And this punk-owned bar boasts an incredible menu, from slants on classic bar food to specialty dishes. Food specials throughout the week include Burger Mania Mondays, where each burger, including the four different stuffed ones, the black bean and the vegan, is half-price. Check in each day for a different daily dish and drink deal.
They’ve got deli meats and sirloins, sure – but Kincaid’s also stocks exotic game, seafood, foie gras and everybody’s favorite, the Neuske’s bacon burger – a hamburger with Neuske-brand bacon ground right into the mix. Maybe you’ve had a sample when the Kincaid folk grill ’em out front of their shop at 56th and Illinois. Or maybe you’ve had their specialty charcuterie at St. Thomas Aquinas’ Sausagefest. If those aren’t reasons enough to pay Kincaid’s a visit, the business was also a location for Peyton Manning’s “Cut that meat!” Mastercard commercial. When you go, expect a line – there’s a reason they’ve been around since 1921.
Monon Community Center offers plenty of family activities, including a waterpark and the FlowRider, the first simulated surfing ride in Indiana.

The ride attraction is included in your general admission to the Waterpark: $6 for ages 3-15. Lessons are not required in order to ride the FlowRider. Guests have the option to ride the wave body board style or standing style (FlowBoarding). Lessons will be offered in the mornings for those interested in obtaining more information on the basics and to learn some more advanced tricks. The Waterpark staff will also be offering a Teen OpenFlow, an open jam session time on Friday mornings before the facility opens to the public for $5 per teen.

Daily Admission Adults: $10 Youth/Seniors: $6 Kids 2 years and under are free Late Day Fees: $4/person
Ignore the decor at this Plainfield-based brewpub; it's about the beer, and at $3.75 a pint, brewer D.J. McCallister offers excellent quality and a clear understanding of what he's doing. Much kudos to the man for using Fuggles hops and Ringwood yeast, two seldom-seen ingredients which elevate this brewery way above the commonplace. The food, though offering a refreshing departure from typical brewpub fare, needs a lighter touch; missteps are common, though the grilled eggplant rolls could've come out of Indy's better Italian kitchens.
Located in Indy’s next culinary hotspot on Dorman Street, Flat 12 Bierwerks crafts an impressive lineup of regular brews, interspersed with specials and seasonal offerings. Although its inspiration may lie in Europe, the execution is all-American, with modern, freewheeling ales like the Nunemore Black and the Tangerine Porter playfully challenging traditional and established styles. Outstanding recently have been the Lacto-Matic Stout and the Pogue’s Run Porter, either of which could hold their own against some of the nation’s best. A place to find the perfect gift for the connoisseur on your list.
As far as sushi in the Midwest is concerned, I think it’s time to set the record straight: The simple fact is that, for quite some time now, fleets of big, silvery, aluminum objects with wings on them have been rushing fresh fish from all over the world to markets all across this country. Wild Ginger knows what to do with all this fresh stock, making fairly priced, elegantly proportioned nigiri sushi, as well as excellent maki rolls that rival those of Boston's acclaimed Oishii.
This joint brags they're pouring the best Long Island iced tea you've ever had. We'll take you up on that, O.B.
Drop in on a Friday evening and you're likely to find the place packed with a blue-collar crowd just finishing work and stopping by Brad's Brass Flamingo to enjoy a few beers, a free buffet, and dozens of beautiful young women milling about wearing little more than g-strings in what feels a little like Applebee's, but with strippers. Overall, a friendly place for regular Joes offering a decent menu and the best looking girls in any Indy showclub.
Los Chilaquiles is happy to work hard in serving the most authentic Mexican food recognized in Indianapolis. From our extensive breakfast, lunch, and dinner menu, to our renowned margaritas, our most sincere gratitude goes to you for giving us the opportunity to serve you.
Although the interior evokes the famous bar scene from Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining, this lounge is hardly all work and no play. The menu is full of the usual bar staples, but the ingredients aim to elevate the cuisine, with offerings such as Asian-style quesadillas and the ambitious extra-extra-thin crust pizza. The full bar, off-the-menu specialty drink, “Love,” along with the weather-permitting street-front seating are a few reasons to add the Brass Ring to your list of watering holes.
With a prime location on Mass Ave, Metro is a high-end pub with the hippest clientele and best ambience in the city and a favorite of NUVO readers having the best karaoke in the city. The competition is stiff and so are the drinks, but no matter how good a crooner you are or aren’t it’s a friendly place to hang out and enjoy yourself. Pool tables, bar-top video games are other options, as is a good dose of people watching. The clientele is mostly gay, but everyone is welcome and everyone should try this place at least once.
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