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BuDa Lounge is an intimate Asian/cigar/martini bar offering drinks and a relaxing setting. Featuring specialty martinis like the Dirty Geisha, Ricksaw, and Flying Grasshopper, the drinkery also features a 12-foot tall cigar humidor and a broad range of cigars. The upscale BuDa Lounge also offers a selection of unique, artsy sushi rolls.
Although this unassuming strip-center eatery looks like two restaurants from the outside, it’s in fact a single business with two completely separate menus. Egg Roll #1 offers a broad selection of Chinese, while So Pho serves around 30 Vietnamese dishes, focusing on pho and noodles, with a smattering of grilled meats. The pho is splendid, delicately flavored with allspice and various aromatics, restorative in its unique way. Not to mention an absolutely delicious, sweetly savory grilled pork chop. The restaurant doesn’t offer much by way of décor, but it does an impressively strange musical mix, combining military orchestral, light opera and La Vegas-style crooners.
From the people behind Rook, Black Market, Siam Square and Thunderbird, a new Polynesian pop restaurant and bar that will feature food from Carlos Salazar of Rook, tiki drinks and lots of fire, shrunken heads and rum, lots of rum.
If you happen to be wondering to yourself “Where can I get my hands on some Burmese cuisine?”, there is hope Kimu's concise menu of curries, stir-fries, and pho is an amalgamation of Chinese, Vietnamese, and Indian influences. Exotic ingredients like quail eggs, delicate jasmine rice and bok choy chards ensure that those who aren’t familiar with Burmese cuisine will be both surprised and pleased. As well as tasting great, Kimu’s dishes are artfully arranged and pleasing to the eye.
"The mole poblano sweet potato fries are a must-taste." — Someone on Yelp, probably.
LongBranch is a neighborhood bar in Fall Creek Place that serves up Asian-inspired cuisine. The cocktail program is helmed by Scott Lowe, formerly of Ball and Biscuit and Bluebeard. The chef driven menu consists of offerings reminiscent of Chinese take-out with modern twists.
The exotic-sounding name of this new eatery is simply "Asian" spelled backward. The menu of NAISA, located in Fountain Square, is entirely made from scratch, from the sauces to the freshly grated zest of the tangerine chicken ($7.25/lunch) to the spicy basil curry dish ($8.95/dinner) studded with chicken, beef and shrimp. The restaurant also offers delicious cinnamon sugar puffs ($4.95), a light-bodied, fresh ginger sauce with bite instead of an overly sugared sweet and sour mess. For a beverage, try the tea: an iron pot is served with chrysanthemum or jasmine leaves steeped throughout, yielding a much lighter-flavored goodness.
Oriental Inn’s nondescript exterior hides a traditional Chinese restaurant with an old-school atmosphere and thoughtful presentation as well as a friendly staff and a spacious dining room that’s perfect for large groups. Don’t expect to see a buffet, but the moderately priced dishes are sizable enough to share with friends. The dinner dishes arrive on a serving plate that makes splitting an entrée even easier. Snack on complimentary fried wantons before the meal, but don’t fill up on them: the food is hearty, flavor-filled and often served with a garnish of fresh fruit. A menu of Korean dishes is available upon request.
Indianapolis' first authentic Japanese ramen restaurant.
The third offering from Ed Rudisell, who co-owns Siam Square and Black Market, is a shotgun-style shop offering (on the cheap) several varieties of Bánh mì, Vietnam’s national sandwich. Standouts include The Rook, which plays chicken liver terrine (made to order from Goose the Market) against Vietnamese pork roll. Nothing overpowers; each ingredient — including proteins like ground chicken or beef peanut curry and toppings like pickled Korean radish and carrots — pops up randomly on your tongue like a whack-a-mole. Simple as its menu and mission may be, Rook is just as important to a strong culinary community as once-a-month or -year fine dining experiences.
This spot is a must-try, whether it be for the rustic pork or catfish cooked in a clay pot with garlic, or the classic soup, Pho, replete with tripe and crisp vegetables, or just a couple of delightfully crunchy shrimp and lettuce spring rolls. Many of our favorite dishes are suffused with a complex savory umami character and often a pungent mouthwatering note that derives from the ubiquitous fermented fish sauce, nuoc namn. Clean, well-lit and welcoming, the simple interior promises a no-frills approach to dining, delivering an early promise that your modest check will go in large part to what arrives on your plate and delights your senses.
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