Wednesday, February 27, 2013

Haiku News

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Forward on Climate
March drew some forty thousand
earth inhabitants

Canadians and
Americans both came to
Washington DC

I was among the
crowd, excited to shout my
hopes to Obama

he was absent, though,
in Florida golfing with
some Texas oil men

still we can hope he
says no to Keystone XL
or else it's game o'er

Keystone XL is
a pipeline to disaster,
the eco-calypse

day ended with a
dance party on the grounds of
the National Mall

ya gotta guess there's
no dancing when the fuel dudes
group - 'cpt on our graves

this is the turning
point tipping upon us the
place of no return

can you get in the
game? can you make commitment
to our Mother Earth?

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Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Haiku News

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Carnival Triumph
cruise ship, beset by troubles,
is a big failure

passengers endure
long food lines, broken toilets,
smells that overwhelm

worst of all there is
water water ev'rywhere
- none that they can drink

disease outbreak is
possible; norovirus
could ravage the ship

it's like this boat is
petri dish for humans to
study our foibles

I've never seen a
more apt metaphor for earth's
demise than this cruise

we started off with
such great plans only to have
ev'rything go wrong

fire in the engine
room, power much diminished,
food, water, grow scarce

without help they would
surely have resorted to

instead they arrived
drawn by able tugboats to
waiting arms on shore

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Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Haiku News

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poor USPS,
bleeding money, resorts to
taking a day off

could Saturday join
Sunday as day where mailbox
is just a décor?

sadly, most of the
mail I get is bills or mags
I'd rather not have

I've tried stopping damn
coupons but the fusillade of
crap is unceasing

in the olden days
I knew my carrier, Don,
and his interests

he kept an eye out
for elderly neighbors in
case they needed help

now my mail is brought
in a small truck by someone
I have never met

snow, rain, heat nor gloom
of night didn't stay their rounds;
t'was mighty profit

but also advance
of technology - boots on
the ground, obsolete

still, carriers tie
it all together like the
Big Lebowski's rug
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Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Haiku News

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I-70 was
site of a fifty car, truck
chaotic pile-up

a Canadian
man killed, multiple lives were
forever altered

nearby, elephants
disembarked their trailer and
shivered in the cold

snowy conditions
and a hell-bent hurry were
cited as causes

perfect example
of the tragedy of the
carmons - er, commons

and t'was not the sole
interstate suffering such
a horrific fate

in Michigan three
were killed in a thirty-car,
chain-reaction crash

near Cincinnati
one hundred vehicles were
tangled together

the state motto of
Indiana is "Crossroads
of America"

I keep thinking of
those massive beasts, cold, confused,
helpless to forget

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Thursday, January 31, 2013

Haiku News

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I attended the
field hearing for IPL's
Harding upgrade plan

the proposal: to
improve pollution controls,
reduce mercury

plan will cost hundreds
of millions of dollars passed
onto ratepayers

those in attendance
didn't think that was fair, nor
do they support coal

coal, while a cheap source
of energy, is a source
of greenhouse gases

greenhouse gases are
warming the earth, making the
weather chaotic ...

oceans, intensifying
invasive species...

causing deeper droughts,
more raucous rainstorms, and a
melting Arctic Sea

why can't we progress
into the future instead
of mulling the past?

this is our moment
our time to tell kids we changed
things for the better

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Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Haiku News

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according to a
new report Lance Armstrong will
come clean on Oprah

this reminds me of
James Frey getting his ass kicked
for made-up memoir

boy did he have his
head handed to him by high
minded TV queen

of author fell into a
million l'il pieces

if Frey had said his
book was mostly fiction I
would still have loved it

but if Armstrong had
admitted doping then it
would have dissed his rep

not to mention pissed
off all his competitors
who weren't fellow dopes

nobody entered
baseball's Hall of Fame because
players still draw shame

our competitive
society can lead to
such shenanigans

in the process the
mighty may fall but losers
still don't get the press

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