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Believing in climate change = right thing to do

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After reading Jim's post yesterday on Indiana Living Green about adopting a climate-change skeptic, I came across two videos about what humans are doing to the planet and the debate over it. I first saw the video at the bottom of this post, which is a mostly beautiful piece about how we're killing the planet and its creatures. Uplifting stuff.

Then I saw the first video below, posted last month on YouTube. Produced by Plomomedia in tribute to climatologist and Stanford Professor Stephen Schneider, who passed away in 2010 and is featured in the video, it's a quick look at the past few decades' worth of climate change, with an eye toward probabilities, risk management, consensus and tipping points. In it, Schneider basically says there is no absolute certainty one way or the other about how climate change will pan out. But as reasonable human adults should realize, there is often no such thing as absolute certainty in anything.

In looking at the world with less of a black/white, binary vision, perhaps we - as members of humanity - should do things not because we do or don't believe in climate change, but because we're acting unselfishly in the best interest of all - simply because it's the right thing to do. Schneider succinctly encapsulates the issue: "Our behavior in the next generation could precondition a sustainability issue for a millennium or ten, based upon the convenience of one species for one generation." How do you plan on explaining the sad situation of our planet to your great grandkids?

Thanks to for posting the first video.

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