Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Are you part of the 99 percent?

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Hundred dollar bill

Thanks to winter's cold and police crackdowns, the Occupy protests are winding down in many places. In other places, not so much.

Whether you're for, against, or indifferent about the protests, you've surely heard a lot about "the 99%" - and you've probably wondered "What percent am I?" Wonder no longer.

Thanks to that bastion of free enterprise, the Wall Street Journal, you can find out. Just enter your household income into their calculator, and - voila! - see what percentile you rank.

Want to see how your income compares to the rest of the world's? After trying the WSJ's calculator, you might feel kinda down. Just enter your income in the Global Rich List's handy-dandy tool for an automatic boost: Living in America makes you "richer" than most people on the planet.

And if these stats and the state of our economy haven't sobered you enough, find out how many slaves work for you.

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