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Palin haiku!

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As you’ve probably heard, Sarah Palin has endorsed Donald Trump for President. That announcement came in the form of one of Palin’s typically strange speeches, a bizarre and often incoherent string of phrases, clichés and platitudes. More listens to the speech yielded something else, however: Buried within the broken syllables and occasional, unintentional interior rhymes was something that had to be a form of surrealist haiku. With apologies to former NUVO editor Jim Poyser, whose “Haiku News” feature trained us all to keep an ear out for strains that can be broken into the traditional meter of five-seven-five, here are some automatic poems that wafted from Palin’s podium:

Ha ha, not funny,
“Trump and his Trumpeters, not
Conservative enough."

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They’ve been wearing this
Political correctness
A suicide vest

The issues that need
To be spoken about and
Debate on his sleeve

The private sector —
He’s not a politician.
A “Hallelujah!”

They stomp on our neck,
and then they tell us, “Just chill.”
Well, look, we are mad.

Right-winging, bitter
clinging, proud clingers of our
guns, our religion

[Their] heads are spinning
Media heads are spinning.
This is ... so much fun.


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