Monday, February 17, 2014

The Starting Five, 2/17/2014

Posted on Mon, Feb 17, 2014 at 8:57 AM

UPDATE: Delph has announced he'll vote no on HJR 3 if the second sentence isn't restored. Take it away, John Ketzenberger: The proposed amendment to the Indiana Constitution banning gay marriage is trundling toward oblivion with last Thursday's no-debate no-amendment second reading on the floor of the Indiana Senate. Two things happen this week: the Senate votes on HJR 3 in its amended form, which means it won't be on the ballot in 2014 even if it passes. Additionally, after failing to drum up enough support for the measure to re-insert the second sentence and undertaking a weekend-long Twitter filibuster (Twittibuster? Filitwit?), Senator Mike Delph has called a press conference for 10 AM today. Stay tuned for what could be either be a revelation of the cracks in the Governor's GOP super-majority or ... well, hell, we don't know what's going to go down after Sen. Delph's social media fire and brimstone screed.

Our old pal Peter Dunn has an idea:

Hearing rumblings #Delph will announce his new political strategy. It's called Delph on the Shelf. It moves around your house & judges you. - Peter Dunn (@PeteThePlanner) February 17, 2014

Speaking of the Gov., John Krull makes the point: Didn't Mike Pence insist his administration was all about job-creatin' and not distractions like this particular monumental waste of time and resources over a misguided gay marriage ban?

Have you read Sarah Murrell's online piece regarding rape culture - and why said piece wasn't included in the print edition of our sex issue? Carve out a few minutes and take a gander.

And finally -  Paul George, matador.

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