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Burger Week: Louie’s Wine Dive’s "SCB Burger"

Louie’s Wine Dive is one of 35+ restaurants participating in Indy Burger Week

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Louie’s Wine Dive is wedged in eclectic mix of shops and nightlife on Mass Ave, ready to bring a new reputation to wine.

“For a while there wine got this old, pretentious stigma, “ Executive Chef Patrick Matthews said, “We want to make wine fun again. What better place to do that then Mass Ave?”

I am a wine novice at best, so going into a wine dive was never my prerogative. But when I walked in I understood that this isn’t a palace of wine snobs as I had envisioned. This is a place for everyone – children, teens and adults to come and explore new, unique flavors of all kinds. Don’t like wine? That’s fine. There are all sorts of food and liquors to explore in this beautiful little restaurant, such as the SCB Burger

The SCB Burger

Matthews was determined to break the same-old burger mold of a patty with tomato, onion and bacon while still keeping the delicious burger taste. Louie’s starts with some mouth-watering hamburger and then renders down specialty bacon with herbs and spices to add bacon jam to the mix.

Next, they take cream cheese and add some Serrano peppers without the seeds to get a whole unique flavor without adding heat.

Yes, this burger sounds different that your average McDonalds burger – and that’s because it is. It’s sweet, it’s savory, but it somehow still tastes like hamburger.

Come try the SCB Burger – I know I will definitely be back to try it again.
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