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500 facts: Milk — and something harder

Louis Meyer started the milk tradition in 1936.

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click to enlarge Jim Hurtubise during quals in 1979. - COURTESY OF THE FASIG FAMILY
  • Courtesy of the Fasig family
  • Jim Hurtubise during quals in 1979.

Later this month, NUVO will present 500 facts about the Indy 500. Between now and then, we'll be sharing five facts per day from our upcoming story. 

Are ya thirsty?

442. Louis Meyer started the milk tradition in 1936. Upon winning his third 500, Meyer requested a thirst-quenching glass of — wait for it — buttermilk. The tradition of drinking milk in Victory Lane has persisted ever since.

443. Today, several varieties of milk are standing by on race day. A dairy farmer (and an Indy 500 “apprentice”) bring a cooler full of milk bottles to Victory Lane. They have a list of driver preferences, so the cooler may include whole, one or two percent and skim milk.

444. Jim Hurtubise put a qualifier in line in 1972 that was actually a cooler full of beer. Hurtubise, who seemed to have a part-time job pissing off USAC officials, lined up a second car (he’d already qualified one) just before time expired on Bump Day. When the gun went off, Jim pulled off the engine cover off his second ride, which held a cooler full of ice and cases of his sponsor’s product: Miller High Life, baby.

445. Enjoy a giant swimming pool of beer on race day. More than 13,000 gallons of suds are sold at the track on race day — not including what’s hauled in by fans, that would fill a 24-foot swimming pool.

446. And two tanker trucks full of soda. That’s 20,000 gallons-plus of Coke products (the brands sold by IMS).

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