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500 facts: Eats at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway

Five miles of hot dogs, anyone?

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  • Yes, we went to Wikimedia Commons for a hot dog photo.

Later this month, NUVO will present 500 facts about the Indy 500. Between now and then, we'll be sharing five facts per day from our upcoming story.

Hungry? Here are a few noshes from our "Eats and drinks" chapter:

448. The track dogs would loop the oval twice. If you laid all the hot dogs sold on race day end-to-end, you’d have more than a footlong — you’d have over five miles of tube steak. When it comes to the length of German sausage, brats = bikes. Laid end-to-end, all the bratwurst sold on race day would circuit the length of the infield motorcycle track — and then some.

449. Or how about five cars worth of burgers? The more than 7,000 pounds of Brickyard Burgers grilled up during the 500 would equal the weight of five Indy Cars.

450. How ‘bout an elephant full of fries with that? Simple math here: the ten tons of Track Fries sold at the race equals one male African elephant. We all really need to work out, amirite?

451. Dip those fries in a bathtub.
11, in fact — that’s equal to the 475 gallons of ketchup used at Indy.

452. Or do you want your 18 Borg-Warners with BBQ sauce? The 2000 pounds of chicken tenders that fans order match the weight of the Borg Warner trophy — times 18.

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