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2016 in review: NUVO editors make a wish upon a star for 2017

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click to enlarge Amber, Brian, Emily, Kat, Cavan and Joey - PHOTO BY IAN ROBERTSON
  • Photo by Ian Robertson
  • Amber, Brian, Emily, Kat, Cavan and Joey
It's become a yearly tradition for NUVO's editors to look back on our hopes and dreams from the year before as we look forward to the year to come. Find 2015's wish list for 2016 here. 

Editor Katherine Coplen:

I admit it: I exit this year not-so-hopeful, and can you blame me? Between Putin-led Russian election hackers, rampant bombing in Aleppo, the rise of outspoken white supremacy in public discourse, a betrayal of women who came forward with their sexual assault experiences and a burgeoning kleptocracy, 2016 has ravaged everything I thought to be true about America. But here's my promise to you, NUVO readers. Through gritted teeth and knitted brow — just like we wrote at the end of 2015 — we will be here for you, reporting, organizing and informing, every step of 2017.

Things are brighter in the land of music, where I see new faces and spaces emerging every time I hit the town. I'm especially pleased with the formation of new artist groups like Women of Indianapolis Arts fostering strength through artistic unity. We will need each other next year, more than ever.

News Editor Amber Stearns:

When I looked back on my hopes for this year, expressed one year ago, all I felt was a big ol' poke in the eye from an existential middle finger. I'm tellin' ya, it was not a good thing for my blood pressure. With the dumpster fire that was the 2016 news cycle, I'm hesitant to express any more hopes out of fear they'll go up in flames yet again.

So instead of hoping for the world, I send out this request that you have hope for me. Hope that I am able to continue bringing you stories and perspectives you can't get other places. Hope that I can add to the voices keeping our government accountable for decisions and legislation. Hope that I can navigate difficult topics that may make us uncomfortable but will always make us think. Hope that I capture the essence of the fighters that keep fighting against all odds. And hope that no matter what the future brings, I am always able to find and present to you the good in humanity.

Arts Editor Emily Taylor:

This year was heartbreaking. As a woman, I saw my legislators decide that my body was not worth protecting. As someone who identifies as queer, I saw the dominant discourse ignore a hate crime during the Pulse shooting, saying instead that it was simply an attack on Americans, disregarding that it was an attack specifically against LGBTQ Americans. As an activist, I saw my friends and colleagues break down in tears after a man who represented everything we fight against was elected to be the leader of our country. Like I said, it's been a hard year.

Like every broken moment in life, there was beauty this year as well. After the election, artists and writers in Indy responded with an outpouring of support for each other's creative endeavors. Everyone felt a stir within them, and so many have decided to fight back.

That's what my hope is for 2017. That we do not lose the fire brimming up inside us. That we refuse to let go of the creative forces that feed us. That we make our artwork, our words and our actions reverberate through our collective commitment to equality. And Indy is starting to do that. There's a renewed focus on how art impacts the spaces and people around us, and in the next year I hope to see a relentless pursuit of what makes Indy activists and artists great — that we don't give up.  

Food Editor Cavan McGinsie:

Since this is my first year at NUVO, I can't look back on my hopes for 2016, but I know one hope was to be in the position I'm in now, sharing this city's booming food and drink scene with the people who live here and the continuous mix of visitors making their way through all of our culinary endeavors. While on the whole this has been a year best left in the deep, dark recesses of our collective minds, I can say I am hopeful that the food and drink in our city will continue to grow and prosper. I am hopeful that more and more people will choose to enjoy and frequent the locally owned and operated establishments that are opening monthly and to eschew the heartless chains that have dotted Indianapolis' landscape for far too long.

I am hopeful that 2017 will be a year of loving and goodness and coming together in the face of negativity and trying our fucking hardest to shine a light of positivity in the darkest of times.  

Engagement Editor Brian Weiss:

I didn't write out my hopes for 2016, and that's probably a good thing because they would have been crushed like a used car at the end of its lifespan. Despite this past year, I hold a strong belief that 2017 will be great.

In sports, here's to Jim Irsay waking up from his trance-like state and firing the the dead weight that is Ryan Grigson and Chuck Pagano. To the Pacers deciding that mediocrity just isn't for them and making a deep run in the playoffs. To the Indy Eleven having a league to call home.

And on the interwebs? Here's to me being able to count the number of times I have to use my banhammer on two hands. Because if that happens, 2017 will be a kinder year, and I think we all hope for that.

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