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The BMV may (probably) owe you money!

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If you have had any type of interaction with the Indiana Bureau of Motor Vehicles (BMV), then the state agency probably owes you money. The agency has been under scrutiny over the past few years for numerous overcharges for various products. A class action lawsuit against the BMV for fee overcharges for driver’s licenses also resulted in a settlement refunding the overcharges to citizens.

The BMV is providing all refunds to citizens in the form of credit for future transactions. State Representative Dan Forestal (D-Indianapolis) is encouraging Hoosiers to go to the BMV website and check to see what if any credit may be received.

“One of the ways you go about solving a problem is by admitting the problem, then working to correct it as quickly as possible,” said Forestal in a press statement. “The BMV has a long, sordid history of mismanagement at the very top of the organization, which has resulted in numerous complaints and lawsuits through the years about millions and millions of dollars in overcharges to motorists across Indiana. Begrudgingly, those same leaders have started to admit their mistakes and are attempting to make amends.”

Hoosiers interested in learning more about the refunds available to them can follow this link to the BMV website for more information.

“The mere fact that this site exists demonstrates the necessity for pursuing constant accountability from agencies that are funded through your tax dollars. Justice sometimes isn’t very swift, but it appears to be coming in this particular case,” said Forestal. “I am sure most people will find that they will be getting back only a few dollars from the BMV, but it is important to remember that the money was yours to begin with. They were wrong in taking it from you, and you deserve to get it back.”

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