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Flashback to 1997: Mike Pence contemplates 'Titanic'

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Mike Pence, your possible new Vice Presidential pick and current Governor of Indiana, is a lot of things. One of those things? A person who appropriately appreciates the thrall and majesty of James Cameron's Titanic and wants to contemplate it deeply. 

From his 1997 blog:

Is it possible that Americans are going, in record numbers, to see Mr. Cameron's epic because it touches something deep in our hearts? Deeper than our concern for a historic tragedy? Deeper than our affinity for a good romance? To the place where we know the truth when we see it?

Just as the Royal Mail Steamship Titanic left Southhampton, England on her maiden voyage with deckloads of proud and waving passengers, do we not see ourselves, steaming away from the safe harbor of our best moral and religious traditions? Do we not see ourselves full of the same unfounded confidence in our own ability to steer our own course without regard for those antiquated restraints?

We stand on the decks of our own modern sophistication and wave goodbye to the old fashioned virtues of faith in God, marital fidelity and the sanctity of life, even though our very prosperity was built upon them. Like the passengers of the Titanic who gave no thought to the strength of the Irishmen who built their vessel at the Harland & Wolf shipyards in Belfast, so do we give no thought to the virtues of those who built our ship of state. And we, like they, do so at our peril.

We love this movie because we still love truth. The truth of 1912 and the truth about our own time. There are icebergs ahead and we know it.  

Is the popularity of Titanic indeed due to its extended metaphor for American invulnerability? Did Pence go to the theaters to see it re-released for the 15th anniversary? These are the questions that need answered. 

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