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Your one-stop holy-shit-Pence-might-be-the-veep-pick shop

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  • Future Vice President nominee Mike Pence?

You've read the news.
You've got questions. We've got answers. Observe our handy hang-on-Mike-Pence-might-be-VP? questionnaire. 
YOU: Wait, who is Mike Pence again? 

NUVO: Come on, do you even live here? He's our governor, guys. Need to catch up? Here's a sampling of just about everything we've written about him in the last three or so years in that position. 

YOU: So, if Pence is the VP pick, who will run in Pence's open spot against John Gregg? 

NUVO: Indiana House Speaker Brian Bosma, Indiana Senate President Pro Tempore David Long, and U.S Rep. Todd Rokita are three names being publicly floated right now. Former Governor-now-Purdue University President Mitch Daniels is also in the rumor wind. We'd add to that current candidate for Attorney General, Curtis Hill. 

YOU: Come on, NUVO. Is this really a thing? 

NUVO: Well, it just might be. Pence as the VP pick is topping the betting markets right now, and Trump scheduled a fundraiser in Indianapolis tonight and a rally in Westfield immediately following. 

YOU: And what's Pence's congressional record like again? 

NUVO: During his 2001 - 2013 time in Washington, Pence was pro-gun, anti-gay rights, anti-Obamacare, pro-coal, anti-immigration; basically your standard-issue super-right wing voting record, with an added dose of Evangelical grandstanding. 

See his full congressional record breakdown here. 

click to enlarge Protestors gathered after HEA 1337 was signed - MARK A. LEE
  • Mark A. Lee
  • Protestors gathered after HEA 1337 was signed
YOU: What major legislation has he championed while governor? 

NUVO: Prepare yourself for the acronyms: RFRA (religious freedom bill); HEA1337 (reproductive rights restrictions); HIP 2.0 (a healthcare alternative to Obamacare); no aid for resettled Syrian refugees; immigration restrictions. Here's more. 

YOU: What are his approval ratings like right now? 

NUVO: Not great. Here's a recent report from CBS: 

A poll in May that was commissioned by Angie's List CEO Bill Oesterle, who's been critical of Pence in the past, found that Pence's re-election race was close — he had a four-point lead over Democrat John Gregg. That poll also found that his disapproval rating of 42 percent exceeded his approval rating of 40 percent.
YOU: Have Pence and Trump been hanging out, talking about this? 

NUVO: Oh, yeah. 

YOU: What's the rush? Why are we talking about this right now, so many days before the convention?

NUVO: If Pence is Trump's pick, he has until Friday to withdraw his name from the governor's race, per Indiana law. That plus today's rally and fundraiser point towards a now-or-never announcement. 

YOU: So, how will Pence help Trump? 

NUVO: Money. Pence appeals to key evangelical fundraisers with deep pockets, and those who have strayed from Trump after he was named nominee in light of some of his wilder statements. Pence also brings Congressional experience, and is a tried-and-true conservative. And he's not Trump's daughter. 

Here's Ed Kilgore at NYMag on why it makes sense. 

The Hoosier's circle of close advisers includes people from Ted Cruz's world (Kellyanne Conway), the Koch brothers network (Marc Short), and Establishment Republican fundraising circles (Matt Morgan and Nick Ayres). The Club for Growth likes him a lot, and he's a longtime favorite of the Christian right, where he's viewed as something of a martyr for taking so many hits for the right to discriminate against LGBT folk.

YOU: Does Mike Pence look like Race Bannon from Johnny Quest? 

NUVO: Yes. Yes, he does. 

click to enlarge Told you. - NUVO FILE PHOTO
  • NUVO File Photo
  • Told you.
YOU: How will Trump help Pence? 

NUVO: If Trump loses, loyalty to the GOP in this moment will give him a leg up in future campaigns. Here's Jim Newell at Slate: 

If Pence eventually does want to be president, accepting Trump’s VP offer if it comes might be his best play. It would give him a bond to loyal Republican voters and a boost to his national stature. If he didn’t take it and Trump lost, he’d enter 2020 as a once-promising House member turned socially conservative governor hustling for national name recognition. Ask Bobby Jindal how far that gets you.
And, oh yeah, he doesn't have to stay in a floundering gubernatorial race. 

YOU: Is this what it looked like when Trump asked him to be VP?

NUVO: Very possibly. And how horrified would Pence be at this general image? 

YOU: Has he made Indiana great again?

NUVO: Dems
say no; we say no; 26 percent of those who completed a Republican ballot during the primary didn't vote for Pence, despite the ballot containing no other option. 

click to enlarge The Pence Must Go team - NUVO FILE PHOTO
  • NUVO File Photo
  • The Pence Must Go team

YOU: And, hey, what's up with those Pence Must Go signs stuck in yards all over Indy?

NUVO: Allow "pissed-off homo" Kevin Warren to tell you about his Pence Must Go project.  

YOU: What will their celebrity name be? 

NUVO: Prump? Tence? So many options. 

YOU: So ... what does  Chris Christie think? 

NUVO: He's probably just hoping Trump doesn't make him pick up his McDonald's order again. 

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