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Savage Love: Tempting family

Stay away from your sister's husband.

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I’m a gay male in my late 20s. My little sister’s husband, “Peter,” is my age and bisexual. I’m not one of those gay men who think bi guys don’t exist. And I know bi guys are just as capable of being monogamous as other guys—which isn’t that comforting when you think about it—and I don’t have a problem with my bi brother-in-law being bi.

More importantly, my sister doesn’t have a problem with it. But whenever I’m alone with Peter, however briefly, he starts telling me how much he misses dick. He wants to hear about the last “really great dick” I sucked and tells me he misses sucking dick. I smile and say dick is great for sure and make a halfhearted attempt to change the subject. The last time it happened was after my grandfather’s funeral. I’m pretty sure Peter wants to suck my dick, and I’m tempted to let him. I know it’s a bad idea, but Peter is hot. This is torture. What should I do?

Boy Is Lost

Stop smiling, work harder to change the subject, avoid being alone in a room with Peter, and repeat after me: “My sister might be able to forgive her husband for sucking a dick, but she’ll never forgive him—or me—if that dick is mine.”

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