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Savage Love: Less is more

Don't double-up on the condoms

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I have a health question/problem. About a week and a half ago, the wife and I had sex. Being the genius that I am, I got the idea to put two condoms on because I thought it would help me last longer. (Spoiler alert: It didn’t.) The problem is, I guess the double condoms were too tight, and climaxing hurt quite a bit. For all intents and purposes, it’s like I duct-taped the tip of my penis shut and tried to blow a load. Even days after, the left side of my penis head was really sensitive and it hurt. It’s gotten better, but it’s too sensitive to touch from time to time. I have a doctor’s appointment to make sure I’m okay, but it’s two weeks away. I’m a little worried I may have hurt my prostate or urethra or something. From my basic Googling, there doesn’t seem to be any medical advice about this. Help please?

Penile Problem Possessor

“The application of an external constriction to the penis did potentially cause the pressure in the urethra to rise, possibly traumatically, during ejaculation,” said Dr. Keith D. Newman, a urologist, a fellow of the American College of Surgeons, and a regular guest expert in Savage Love (his most prestigious professional accomplishment).

In other words, PPP, somehow those two condoms conspired to dam up your piss slit—aka your urethral meatus—and the force of your impeded ejaculation damn near blew off your cock.

“We sometimes see a similar phenomenon occur with people who wear constriction bands or cock rings that are too tight and try to either urinate or ejaculate with the ring on,” said Dr. Newman. “The result is a traumatic stretch of the urethra and microscopic tears in the lining of the urethra (mucosa). This disruption in the lining allows for electrolytes in the urine (particularly potassium) to stimulate the nerves in the layer beneath the lining (submucosa), thereby creating a chronic dull ache, such as PPP describes.”

Your urethra should heal just fine in time — within a couple of weeks — but there are meds and other interventions if you’re still in pain a few weeks from now. “The bottom line is never impede urination or ejaculation by obstructing the urethra,” said Dr. Newman.

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