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Savage Love: Lube rube

Benzoyl peroxide = OUCH

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click to enlarge This is not lube. Again, THIS IS NOT LUBE. - WIKIMEDIA COMMONS
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  • This is not lube. Again, THIS IS NOT LUBE.

I was traveling and forgot to pack lube, so I amused myself with some old conditioner I’d brought. It had some menthol in it or something and it tingled a bit, but it did the job. When I woke up, my dick had shriveled into a leathery red sheath of pain. I looked at the bottle again, and it wasn’t conditioner, it was actually a 10 percent benzoyl peroxide cleanser. After a few days, my leathery foreskin flaked off and the pain went away. Should I be concerned about my dick?

Onanism Until Cock Hurts

No, OUCH, your dick should be concerned about you. You’re the one who, despite having a foreskin to work/jerk with, grabbed the nearest bottle of whatever was handy instead of using the masturbation sleeve the good Lord gave ya. And you’re the one who didn’t read the label on the nearest bottle of whatever before pouring its contents all over your cock. Caveat masturbator!

On the Lovecast, sex blogger Ella Dawson on the herpes stigma:
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