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Hey everyone!

This was a pretty crazy week. There were twenty six new titles out this week. TWENTY. SIX. On average there are about 8-10 new titles out on any given week. It was really hard to choose only five comics to talk about this week.

DC is putting out some really awesome stuff. There's a He-Man/ Thundercats crossover, Midnighter and Apollo are back together, Deadman gets stuck in a mansion, and the newest title from the Young Animal imprint is out as well. Shade the Changing Girl is a mind trip; it's about an alien girl that steals a coat and comes to our planet and hides inside the body of a mean girl. It's intense.

Marvel is doing a soft reboot. After the events of Civil War 2, everything is changed. Teams are divided, X-Men are dying and new heroes are being introduced. The company is bringing back Marvel NOW, which means there are new storylines starting. Champions is about the young heroes of the Marvel universe branching out and forming their own team. There's also Deadpool: Back in Black (Deadpool + alien symbiote; what could go wrong?) and a new Jessica Jones comic.

Weird crossovers seem to be a theme this week. Xena and Ash from the Evil Dead are teaming up this week. Archie and co. are meeting the Ramones, and Kurt Russell gets to meet Kurt Russell in the Big Trouble in Little China and Escape from new York cross over.

We also have a few noir/ mystery titles starting this week, a Betty Boop comic, a new Star Trek comic and the 90's hit called Homies is back to celebrate the wedding of Hollywood and Gata.

I told you there was a lot going on this week.

click to enlarge stl016642.jpg
(W) Kwanza Osajyefo (A) Jamal Igle

In a world that fears them... black people are the only ones that have super powers! After a boy is gunned down by police officers, he miraculously wakes up completely fine! As he's struggling to figure out what happened to him, he stumbles upon one of the greatest secrets in history.
click to enlarge stl020901.jpg

(W) Brian Buccellato, Jennifer Young (A) Matias Bergara

The world has been forever changed. People now experience an uncontrollable desire to eat human flesh. There's a town in the Everglades that is safe from all the madness... for now.

click to enlarge stl020357.jpg
Death of Hawkman
(W) Marc Andreyko (A) Aaron Lopresti

All Adam Strange wants to do is to get back to his love on the planet of Rann, Alanna. But when he's finally able to return to her, he finds the once peaceful planet in turmoil. Alanna has declared war on the planet of Thanagar, which is home to the hero named Hawkman. As Adam Strange tries to solve the mystery of what's happened, he finds an ally in Hawkman.

click to enlarge stl020702.jpg
Death of X
(W) Jeff Lemire, Charles Soule (A) Aaron Kuder

Taking place 8 months in the past, we finally get to see what caused the fight between the Inhumans and the X-Men. The Terrigen mists that give the Inhumans their powers kill and sterilize the X-Men. A new Inhuman with amazing powers is found in Japan. On Muir Island (a big research facility for the X-Men), Cyclops and his team discover that everyone on the island is dead.. because of the Terrigen Mists.
click to enlarge stl020937.jpg

(W) Fabrice Sapolsky (A) Fred Pham Chuong

If you're in the mood for a good kung fu noir series, search no more! Taking place in the 70s, it involves many different stories which are all connected. Juan Jin's life has become a lot more complicated. He's on his way to becoming a hero whether he likes it or not! Murder, legacy, gangs and more come together to make Intertwined!

click to enlarge stl020966.jpg

NOW Cage
(W) Genndy Tartakovsky (A) Genndy Tartakovsky

Fans of Luke Cage rejoice! He's got a new book out this week as well. In case you can't get enough of his Netflix show, Marvel is putting out a new series all about Power Man. The series takes place in the 70's and is all about Luke Cage first starting out. The art is wacky and the story is hilarious. Be sure to check it out this weekend!

Also, here's a trailer for Luke Cage in case you're missing out.

That's all for this week! Next week... there's Clone Conspiracy, a new event involving Spider-Man, and a Lost Boys series starts as well!

If you need the full release list click here!

Have a great weekend!


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