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#NUVOpop: Labor Day Reads

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8/31 Labor Day Reads! from Bridget Wilson on Vimeo.

Hey guys!

Sorry about the late post. It's been a crazy week. However, there are a ton of books that you should check out this weekend at your local comic shop! This past Wednesday was sort of a skip week for comics since it's the fifth Wednesday of August. So there are no new Rebirth titles and hardly any new Marvel releases.

But there are still some good ones to pick up and enjoy over this three day weekend (well, three day weekend for SOME of the lucky folks).
click to enlarge tumblr_nuu9kppfei1thr7ppo1_1280.jpg

Army of Darkness: Ash for President (one shot)
(W) Elliot Serrano (A) Diego Galindo

Why vote for Trump or Hillary when you could vote for Ash instead? After being sent on a mysterious mission per word of the Necronomicon Ex Mortis, Ash teams up with a psychic and they go on a grand adventure that eventually has Ash running for president of the United States!
click to enlarge edensfall-01_wrap-cvra_698_540.jpg
Eden's Fall
(W) Matt Hawkins, Bryan Edward Hill (A) Antonio Rojo

Eden's Fall is a new crossover from Top Cow! It involves three of the company's major titles- Postal, The Tithe, and Think Tank. When an FBI agent follows a serial killer into the town of Eden (a town literally crawling with criminals of all sorts), it sets off a chain of events that might just be the end of Eden.

click to enlarge stl010157.jpg
(W) Patrick Shand (A) Jason Craig

Equilibrium is the sequel comic to the movie that came out in 2002. World War Three has come and gone. But the government is still trying to control everyone. The government is now trying to take away the people's ability to feel. No more emotions. Complete apathy means complete control over the people. However, a very powerful rebellion is brewing...
click to enlarge stl012277.jpg

The Killer Inside Me
(W) Devin Faraci (A) Vic Malhotra

The Killer Inside of Me is a novel from many years ago by Jim Thompson. The novel explored the inner workings of the serial killer's mind (it's like like American Psycho). The story follows a small town sheriff who is the most boring guy ever. Like, it's ridiculous how boring he is. But it's actually just a mask that hides his murderous blood lust.

click to enlarge universe01.jpg
TMNT Universe
(W) Paul Allor, Kevin Eastman, Tom Waltz (A) Damian Couceiro, Kevin Eastman, Bill Sienkiewicz

This is a completely new ongoing series co-written by Kevin Eastman himself! You wanted more turtles so now they're giving you more turtles! (I'm not exactly sure who demanded it but you know who you are, I suppose) In this series, there are new threats and a strange new mutant that's haunting the city.

click to enlarge wraparound-cover.jpg
Saga #37
(W) Brian K. Vaughan (A/) Fiona Staples

The moment we've all been waiting on is here!
The ever popular series, Saga, is back in it's sixth story arc... And this one has been building up since day one. Our narrator, Hazel, is reunited with her family. But nothing is ever simple for this family. There's been a war going on in the background of their adventures and now it's coming to the fore front. Things will never be the same as the family travels to the comet that has been in the middle of this war! This arc is completely self contained, so its a good jumping on point for new readers/ people that only buy the trades.

Next week will be a normal Wednesday. We have a the Cyborg Rebirth, Supergirl and Boo the World's Cutest Dog starting next week.

Seriously look at that face.
click to enlarge boo-buddy-29875212.jpg

See you next week!


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