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#NUVOpop: Animosity

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8/3 Suicide Squad! from Bridget Wilson on Vimeo.

Hello everyone! Welcome back.

This is an exciting week in comics and just in general as well! The new Suicide Squad movie is being released this week (yeah, yeah, bad reviews, whatever, maybe just check it out for yourself, eh?). DC is also putting out the Harley Quinn Rebirth and Suicide Squad Rebirth (just in the knick of time, huh?). We also have a new story from Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips, a new Walking Dead, a Torchwood series written by John Barrowman, and Nightwing #2, which makes it the third Nightwing comic to come out this month!

click to enlarge animosity_01_72dpi.jpg
Animosity #1
(W) Marguerite Bennett (A) Rafael de Latorre

It started on a normal day. The birds were chirping; the dogs were barking; animals hunted one another without a single thought. Then, suddenly, they started thinking. They started questioning. And then, they realized what we've done to them all these years. Now they want revenge.
This is a story about a girl and her dog and a trip to San Francisco and all the animals trying to stand in their way.

click to enlarge eegod-01-cov-a-parillo-600x900.jpg
Evil Ernie Godeater #1
(W) Justin Jordan, Keith Davidsen (A) Colton Worley, Cezar Razek

The Godeater is a threat to Heaven and Hell alike. The Godeater is coming and the fate of everything lies in the hands of... Evil Ernie?? The crazy undead serial killer??
Well either we're all going to be dead VERY soon or maybe, just maybe, Evil Ernie might not be so evil after all?

click to enlarge stl014240.jpg
Kill or Be Killed
(W) Ed Brubaker (A) Sean Phillips

Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips are teaming up once again to bring you this heartfelt new series. A young man tries to commit suicide one night but miraculously survives. With a new found lust for life, he vows to appreciate the gift that has been given him. But someone has sinister plans for him. Now he's trapped in a deal with a demon; kill one person each month or he will be killed instead.

click to enlarge ladykiller2.1.jpg
Lady Killer 2 #1
(W) Joelle Jones (A/CA) Joelle Jones

My favorite hit-man house wife is back in her second series! Her family has moved to Florida and everything is back to normal. Tupperware sales woman by day, the world's deadliest mercenary by night. But someone from her past is on to her. Will she be able to handle this new threat?

click to enlarge marvel-tsum-tsum-comic-cover-05112016.jpg
Marvel Tsum Tsum #1
(W) Jacob Chabot (A) David Baldeon

What's a Tsum Tsum you ask?? Well, don't ask me because I'm not exactly sure either. They're these tiny little plush figures in the shape of a chubby sausage in the likeness of your favorite Marvel superheroes! And they were on their way to the Collector, but they made a pit stop in the middle of the Marvel universe and they're here to look cute and mess things up... And they already look cute, so...

click to enlarge cefe_ndw4aadyx0.jpg

Suicide Squad Rebirth #1
(W) Rob Williams (A/CA) Philip Tan, Jonathan Glapion

Just in time for the movie, wouldn't you say? In Suicide Squad Rebirth, Rick Flag is a disgraced army vet trapped in Guantanamo Bay. However Amanda Waller has better plans for him. Will he accept her offer and be the Suicide Squad's moral compass?

Also! Check out Harley Quinn #1 as she leads her gang against a zombie apocalypse on Coney Island!

Here's the full release list! 

Next week, check out Superwoman #1, All Star Batman #1 and Accused #1, which dives deep into the trial of Hawkeye!

Now check out the latest Suicide Squad trailer because you need to ready yourself.


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