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#NUVOpop: Friendship, Romance and Zombies

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7/6 Friendship, Romance and Zombies from Bridget Wilson on Vimeo.

Hello everyone! I hope you all had a fun and safe Fourth of July. I spent most of Sunday and Monday crying because there won't be any new episodes of Games of Thrones for nearly a year. Thankfully comics are great for soaking up tears.

This week in the land of Civil War 2, there's a new tie-in that's King Pin-centered; you get to discover the secret to Wilson Fisk's success over the good guys. There's also a new Doctor Who series where the Cybermen unlock the secrets to time travel, and in Superman #2, Superman and son team up to fight a monster known as the Eradicator.

click to enlarge bounty-1-fc-fnl-4x6-37322-ad879.jpg
(W) Kurtis J. Wiebe (A) Mindy Lee

Bounty follows the Robin Hood-esque duo known as the Gadflies. The Gadflies were the most wanted criminals in the entire galaxy, and the bounty on their head is HUGE. I'm talking about "retire on an island planet in some corner of the galaxy" huge. Now the Gadflies are going to become bounty hunters in order to collect the bounty that's on their heads.

click to enlarge tumblr_inline_o9lkvgxtly1r2ab65_540.jpg
(W) Adam Glass, Mike Benson (A) Harwinder Singh

Drew is a kid that gets constantly bullied in school, and his family is being muscled out of the neighborhood by Russian gangsters. One day his granddad is telling him the story of a powerful entity that guards their family. But that story can't possibly be true, right? After one particularly terrible day, will Drew try to summon said supernatural avenger?

click to enlarge flintstones-promo_56a96b6a4cc2b0.64878617.jpg
(W) Mark Russell (A) Steve Pugh

The good people of Bedrock are going through a reboot! In this first issue, remember all the wacky things you loved about classic Flintstones in a "modern" take of a prehistoric world. In the first big issue, Fred and Barney are taking a bunch of Neanderthals out on the town!

click to enlarge 5257504-0_justiceleage_rebirth_madvar.jpg
Justice League Rebirth
(W) Bryan Hitch

Taking place after DC Rebirth #1, everything is strange with the Justice League. The Superman everyone loved is dead, Lex Luthor is trying to weasel his way into the League and something strange is going on in the universe. Now, the new Superman from a dead universe is here to join the League. Can he be trusted? Batman and Wonder Woman aren't so certain.

click to enlarge stl009948.jpg
Kim and Kim
(W) Magdalene Visaggio (A) Eva Cabrera

If you've been waiting for a new and exciting story revolving around female friendships, trans women, and queer women, then look no further. Kim and Kim follows two twenty-somethings as they try to make a name for themselves in the game of inter-dimensional cowboy law enforcement. But everything gets screwed up after they try to hijack a bounty and end up in something that's WAY over their heads.

click to enlarge the-walking-dead-156_cover.jpg
Walking Dead #156
(W) Robert Kirkman (A) Charlie Adlard & Various

I'm a sucker for a good love story. Take a break from the impending doom that is certain to come and watch as two people unexpectedly fall head over heels for each other. Well, watch Negan try to work his way under Alpha's decayed layer of skin and into her heart. It's certain to be the greatest unrequited and creepy romance since Brienne of Tarth and Tormund Giantsbane (sorry, Game of Thrones has consumed my life).

Thanks for watching! It's been a great week. Next week, there's a new Conan series starting, we get introduced to the NEW Superman from China, and Powerpuff Girls is relaunching.

If you need the full release list, click here! 


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