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#NUVOpop: Jupiter's Legacy Lives On!

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6/29 Jupiter's Legacy Lives On! from Bridget Wilson on Vimeo.

Hey, everyone! Welcome back to another exciting week in comic book land.

DC is taking a break from Rebirth this week; there are no new Rebirth titles being released this week. However, the DC Rebirth reprints are hitting stands this week. So in case you missed out on the first round, you have another shot to read the new DC lineup. The one major DC title that is coming out this week is the fifth issue of The Dark Knight Returns 3: The Master Race.

Marvel is releasing more Civil War 2 tie ins (you know, the usual). There's also the second issue of Daredevil Punisher that will be available this Wednesday as well. The much anticipated Black Panther #3 will be out as well!
(By the way, don't judge me, but I finally saw Captain America: Civil War. T'Challa was better than I imagined and I might possibly be on Iron Man's side. What a twist!)

Anyway, let's get on with my top five picks for the week!

click to enlarge stl003835.jpg

4 Kids Walk Into A Bank #2
(W) Matthew Rosenberg (A) Tyler Boss

It's been a few months since the first issue of 4 Kids Walk Into A Bank came out. If you need a refresher, some bad men need Paige's dad to pull off a heist or else they're gonna do something bad to her dad. In order to keep her father out of trouble, she enlists the help of her D&D buddies to assist her with a counter heist. In the second issue, they talk strategy... over pizza.

Hey, you can't rob a bank on an empty stomach. It's unprofessional.

click to enlarge captain_america_steve_rogers_vol_1_2_textless.jpg
Captain America: Steve Rogers #2
(W) Nick Spencer (A) Jesus Saiz

HAIL HYDRA, GUYS. In case you missed the first issue, we had a refresher of Captain America's past.. and it involved a lot of Nazis. But in a way that makes it seem like Cap has been an undercover Hydra agent for 70-some-years. (Talk about a mic drop) Now in the second issue, Cap has to fight Hydra while also dealing with the ghosts of his past.

click to enlarge stl006721.jpg
Con Man's Spectrum #1
(W) Pj Haarsma, Alan Tudyk (A) Sarah Stone

Con Man was a series by Alan Tudyk and Nathan Fillion (y'know, those dudes from Firefly?). Spectrum was a short story that was short lived on the short lived Con Man series. Now, Tudyk is exploring the world of Spectrum once again in a new comic series. Spectrum follows the survivors of a brutal alien attack on the last military base on Earth. They have to make it off the planet sooner than later, but their only option is to somehow pilot a ship that no one has ever flown before!

Hillbilly #1
click to enlarge stl005354.jpg

(W/A/CA) Eric Powell

Hillbilly is a new fantasy epic from the creative and brilliant mind of Eric Powell. It combines Appalachian folklore with just a twist of horror. Rondel is the protector of the woods and the killer of all witches. After he rescues a young boy from a witch, he and the boy spend the day telling each other stories about the magical creatures that dwell in the woods.

click to enlarge unnamed.jpg
Jupiter's Legacy Volume 2 #1
(W) Mark Millar (A/CA) Frank Quitely

Millar and Quitely's Jupiter's Legacy is back for more! When we last saw Chloe and her family, they were kicking ass and taking names. In a world where the superheroes took over the planet "for the greater good", they were super villains saving the day! Now Chloe, Hutch and Jason are coming out of hiding once again... this time to recruit more super villains to join their cause. 


I didn't even get to read this next one and I'm so upset because it looks right up my alley.

click to enlarge stl006863.jpg
Jade Street Protection Services #1
(W) Katy Rex (A) Fabian Lelay

Sailor Moon meets The Breakfast Club in Jade Street Protection Services! When a group of *bad* girls at an all female school for the magically gifted all get detention at the same time, it turns their life upside down. They decide to ditch detention and wander around campus. What they find is a sinister plot at their school that involves each and every one of them!

That's all we have time for this week! Next week, the second issues of some Rebirth titles are coming out, Civil War 2: King Pin arrives, and the new Flintstones series starts!

If you need the full release list, click here. I'll see you next Wednesday! 


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