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#NUVOpop: Last Week In Comics

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6/22 Last Week's Comix from Bridget Wilson on Vimeo.

Hello, everyone! Sorry for skipping a week, but I was on vacation all last week! I went to the beach, read some Preacher and freaked over last Sunday night's episode of Game of Thrones.

Now it's back to "reality".

Good thing my "reality" involves an unhealthy dose of comic books! This week... more Civil War 2 (it just won't stop) issues are coming out. This one involves our heroes choosing their sides. Will your favorites be Team Cap(tain Marvel) or Team Iron Man? We also have a new speedster popping up in Flash #1, Deadpool and Gambit are going toe to toe again, and Justice League is wrapping up with issue #52. 

click to enlarge b035_-_wonder_woman_1_wwcover01_cmyk.jpg


Wonder Woman
(W) Greg Rucka (A) Liam Sharp

It's a weird time for everyone's favorite goddess of war. Wonder Woman's lasso of truth has stopped working for her. In Wonder Woman Rebirth, Diana discovers that the "story keeps changing". Confused, she turns to her greatest foe for help.

Lucas Stand
(W) Kurt Sutter, Caitlin Kittredge (A) Jesus Hervas

Lucas Stand follows our "protagonist", Lucas, who is an army vet struggling to re-acclimate to civilian life after a tragic accident overseas. After doing the unspeakable one night, he gets recruited by the devil to find demons that have escaped from hell. His mission takes him through all different points of time, filling his (after) life with purpose once again.
click to enlarge shewolf01_001.jpg
She Wolf
(W/A/CA) Rich Tommaso

She Wolf is a fast paced comic about a girl who gets attacked by, what she believes is, a werewolf. The comic follows her as she starts to transform into a werewolf and struggles to remain normal. It also deals with the death of her boyfriend, who was the "werewolf" that attacked her.

Deadpool V Gambit
(W) Ben Acker, Ben Blacker (A) Danillo Beyruth

Deadpool and Gambit have pulled off a lot of cons together. As they pull off one of their final cons, they get double crossed by a guy they thought they could trust. Setting aside their differences, they decide to do one final con to get the man that stole their money from them!
click to enlarge 56cdd9f69ed4a.jpg
click to enlarge 5267492-aqm_cv1_ds.jpg

(W) Dan Abnett (A/CA) Brad Walker, Andrew Hennessy

Arthur Curry is half human and half Atlantean, but he's also 100% Aquaman, protector of the seas and King of Atlantis. For as long as anyone can remember, humans and Atlanteans have not gotten along. Arthur wishes to bridge the divide so that in turn, he can feel whole. He decides to host a peaceful meeting in Atlantis with the world leaders, however things take a turn for the worst when Black Manta crashes the party!

That's all we have time for right now! This Wednesday, it appears that DC is taking a break from Rebirth-ing. However, the Dark Knight 3 Master Race #5 will be out and Jupiter's Legacy Volume 2 will begin as well.

I'll see you Wednesday!


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