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#NUVOpop: Merry Men!

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6/8 Merry Men! from Bridget Wilson on Vimeo.

DC Rebirth continues this week. In case, there is any confusion, each character is getting a Rebirth one-shot, which sets up their storyline following Rebirth. So, for example, Batman Rebirth set the stage for Detective Comics #934 (which is out this week) and Batman #1 (which is out next week). It's strange, but don't worry. We'll get through it together.

It doesn't hurt that the stories are just so good you just forget about all the confusion.

Civil War 2 tie-ins are pouring in as well. This week, we have New Avengers #12 which pits A.I.M. against S.H.I.E.L.D.! Civil War 2: Amazing Spider-Man and Civil War 2: Gods of War both begin this week as well.

As always, there are plenty of other delightful stories starting this week that have nothing to do with the big two comic companies. There's a new version of a classic story out this week. We also have the off-its-rocker comedic horror comic, Grizzly Shark, returning with its third issue! 

click to enlarge merrymen-1-marketing_preview-1.jpg
Merry Men #1
(W) Robert Rodi (A) Jackie Lewis

Merry Men is a new take on the classic story of Robin Hood. Reading "between the lines" of what Robin Hood might have actually been about, Robert Rodi takes us on a fascinating journey. In this tale, Robin Hood is the former lover of King Richard. Robin lives with his band of "merry men", far away from Prince John who has outlawed homosexuality. Robin Hood hasn't used his bow in ages, but when a mysterious stranger asks for his help in removing the Sheriff of Nottingham from a town, he's more than happy to assist.
click to enlarge sea-bear-and-grizzly-shark-a-comic-7232-1270044422-35.jpg

Grizzly Shark #3 Grizzly Shark VS. Sea Bear
(W/A) Ryan Ottley

Ryan Ottley's outrageous horror/comedy is coming to an end with it's third issue. The woods have been haunted by the terror known as Grizzly Shark! A single drop of blood is enough for it to find you. Our heroes are in grave danger. They've survived thus far, but what happens when Sea Bear joins the fray?

click to enlarge action957-b.jpg
Action Comics #957
(W) Dan Jurgens (A) Patrick Zircher

The adventures of Superman continue in Action Comics #957. The new Superman has arrived in Metropolis only to find that Lex Luthor has declared himself the savior of the city? Just as the two are close to exchanging more than just words, the new Clark Kent arrives on the scene! 

DC Rebirth: Flash #1
(W) Joshua Williamson (A) Carmine Di

If you haven't read DC Rebirth yet, I HIGHLY suggest that you do before reading this issue. Trust me. It's important. Flash's story is set up in this issue as we get ready for the return of the first Wally West! With Flash's former memories almost restored and Wally revealing more information on the mysterious figure behind the changes to the DC universe, Flash finds himself in quite a predicament. 
click to enlarge portrait_uncanny.jpg
Civil War 2: Amazing Spider-Man #1
(W) Christos N. Gage (A) Travel Foreman

Spider-Man once again finds himself in the middle of two feuding superheroes! He just can't catch a break. The new Inhuman that has the ability to see the future needs training to use his powers properly because with great power comes great responsibility. Can Spider-Man show him the way or will his Parker "luck" get in the way?

And by "luck", I mean bad luck because Spidey has the worst luck ever.

Next week is another amazing week for comics as well. We have more Rebirth, more Civil War 2 tie ins and a TON of new releases. Next week is also Pop Con if you're in Indianapolis and it looks very promising.

Here is the full release list for this week, and I will see you next week to talk about more comics! 


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