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A bathroom conversation with Woody Burton

A letter to the editors at NUVO

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To the Editor:

On May 26, I was in the Greenwood Park Mall and saw my state representative, Woody Burton (R-Whiteland). He was having a conversation with several people. They were talking about the transgender bathroom bill.

Someone said, "If you're concerned with bathrooms, why don't you make more of the bathrooms in Indiana accessible for special needs people? Many times I cannot physically get my child into the bathroom."

Woody hemmed and hawed, and I said, "I would like you to stop distracting Hoosiers with this bathroom bill, and start dealing with the actual problems in our state: education, infrastructure, roads, libraries, and parks." I said, "You keep cutting funding to education. Teachers are treated with disrespect. People want solutions to real problems, not all this talk about who is peeing in what bathroom."

Woody said, "We already spend 64 percent of our budget on the schools!"

I said, "Well, it is not enough. Maybe it's time to raise taxes so we have enough to cover the needs of the state."

Woody said, "Raise taxes! I get it! You are a Bernie supporter!"

I said, "No, I do not support Bernie. I am voting for Hillary."

Woody's friend said, "I think I am going to go into a women's bathroom and say I decided I am a female! That's what the law says I can do! Do you want men to go into the bathroom with our little girls?"

I said, "Sir, are you really going to go into a women's restroom? Because I seriously doubt that is the case. And if you are worried about young children, politicians have molested more kids than transgendered people ever have. If you want to monitor someone, monitor the politicians!"

Woody got ready to leave. As he and his friend walked away, he said, "Say hi to Bernie for me!"

I said, "I already told you I do not support Bernie. I am your constituent and you are not listening."

This conversation typifies the misinformation and ignorance that surrounds the "bathroom bill." I am depressed that some Hoosiers are so willing to discriminate, while being gullible when politicians cut the programs that serve the common good, privatize everything in sight, and refuse to talk about any of the real issues in our state.

Annette Magjuka
Greenwood, IN 


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