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#NUVOpop: Adventures of Supergirl

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5/11 Adventures of Supergirl from Bridget Wilson on Vimeo.


Just kidding. I haven't seen it yet. No spoilers pls.

So anyway, on to the comics! Black Panther #2 is out this week. We are introduced to the group leading the revolt against Wakanda. There's a new Supergirl comic out as well. Finally, DC Rebirth is almost upon us, and that means all the DC titles are ending. Most titles are ending with their 52nd issue, so grab a tissue box. It's time to say goodbye.

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Adventures of Supergirl #1
(W) Sterling Gates (A) Bengal 

The Supergirl TV show is beautiful, seriously. DC made a web comic that ties directly into the TV show, and now they are releasing it in print form! So tag along with Supergirl/Kara/KEY-RA on new adventures! An escaped prisoner from Fort Rozz is messing things up and it's Supergirl to the rescue! But Rampage won't let anything stop her from getting her revenge.
click to enlarge satfall01-cover.jpg

Satellite Falling #1
(W) Steve Horton (A) Stephen Thompson

This is just one of the many new titles IDW is putting out this month. Satellite Falling follows a bounty hunter who lives on a satellite full of aliens. She is a survivor from a corrupt Earth. She's also experienced a great loss. In the wake of this loss, a survivor comes along that will change her life forever.

click to enlarge southernbastardsvol3tp_cvr585x900.jpg
Southern Bastards #14
(W) Jason Aaron (A) Jason Latour

IT'S HERE FINALLY. So in the beginning of Southern Bastards, our would be hero, Earl Tubbs, was brutally murdered by that dang Coach Boss. No one in town said anything about it. Now, Roberta Tubbs, Earl's daughter, has arrived in town. Things are about to get messed up. 
click to enlarge all-new-all-different-avengers-9-cover-a5db7.jpg
Avengers #9
(W) Mark Waid (A) Mahmud A. Asrar

The ANAD Avengers have had it rough. Vision was possessed for a while, they were trapped in a weird town, and Nova and Ms. Marvel butt heads a lot. Their luck is about to change (hopefully. I don't know; I'm not a wizard). Enter... THE ALL NEW WASP! Who is she? What does she want? How'd she get that suit? All those answers and more will maybe be answered in this issue!

click to enlarge aa_003_cover-a_lafuente.jpg
A&A #3
(W) Rafer Roberts (A) David LaFuente

Archer and Armstrong is one of my new favorites. In the last issue, Bacchus has revealed his master plan.... TO GET ARCHER AND ARMSTRONG DRUNK. Too bad he forgot that Armstrong has a steel liver. And he also didn't expect Archer's friend Mary-Maria to come to the rescue. Bacchus? More like BAKA (Japanese for "idiot". It's a pun, kind of). 

That's all for this week! Next week IDW is releasing a lot of new series and more DC titles are wrapping up as well. Go watch Civil War if you haven't watched it already (like me)! I hear Black Panther stole the show! :')

Click here for the full release list! 


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