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#NUVOpop: Interview with Brian Wyrick of Robot Paper

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Brian Wyrick Interview from Bridget Wilson on Vimeo.

Brian Wyrick started the company Robot Paper a few years ago. Robot Paper currently has one title out- Henchmen.

Henchmen follows a middle aged man named Gary who is searching for work, so he becomes a henchman. Displeased by the way he and his fellow henchmen are treated, he starts a union. The one issue of Henchmen carried into a six issue series called Henchmen: I Henchbot. The series followed Gary as he tries to make enough money to support his family. His actions in the first series had serious repercussions on the henchmen community; super villains are turning to "henchbots" to be their lackeys instead of actual henchman. 

Henchmen: I Henchbot finished last year. Brian and his team at Robot Paper are trying to figure out where to go next with their projects. They might put out more titles involving the characters from Henchmen

You can find out more info about Robot Paper and Henchmen by clicking this link and visiting their website! 


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