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#NUVOpop: The Punisher Is Here

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5/4 The Punisher Is Here! from Bridget Wilson on Vimeo.

Hey everyone! We've got two Punisher books this week, a ton of Spidey titles and some really interesting new books out. But seriously, who cares since CIVIL WAR is releasing this week?? Ugh, man.

click to enlarge the-punisher-1-cover-18d51.jpg
(W) Becky Cloonan (A) Steve Dillon

Frank Castle is back in a brand new series. So, Daredevil fans rejoice! You have two new Punisher books out and he's going to have his own Netflix show soon enough. In this series, Frank Castle had a shattering experience. His will is being tested and his mind is rocked. Take a journey inside of the wrecked mind of Frank Castle! Hopefully your mind isn't messed up after this experience.

click to enlarge alphaking01_cvr-2.jpg
Alpha King
(W) Nick Floyd, Brian Azzarello (A) Simon Bisley

This one looks promising. So it's about these two buds named Brewer and Cici, and they've just made the most perfect beer ever. Angels are singing and birds are chirping and demon lords are coming?? Um, yeah. The sweet brew has attracted the attention of a demon warlord from another dimension and he's here to become the alpha king!
click to enlarge smosh01-cov-a-viglino-573e4.jpg
(W) Michael McDermott, Yale Stewart (A) Franco Viglino, Yale Stewart

The kings of YouTube have a new comic series! I recently watched one of their skits and they are HILARIOUS. So in the first issue, we are introduced to the Super Virgin Squad! Their social awkwardness is morphing into super powers! What will they do with their new found powers?
click to enlarge lunchtime.jpg

Spacebattle Lunchtime (W/A) Natalie Riess

Spacebattle Lunchtime is a popular intergalactic cooking show. And it. is. brutal. One contestant has been booted out, so Peony, a baker from Earth, has been summoned to be a contestant on the show. Will she be able to bake her way into the hearts of the judges or will she get burned?
click to enlarge boom-weavers-001-a-main-001-dylan-burnett-2b6ab.jpg
(W) Simon Spurrier (A) Dylan Burnett

The Weavers are a powerful east coast gang with a secret. There's a spider inside of each of them, bonding them to the gang and giving them phenomenal powers. Sid is a nobody with nothing going for him so he decides to join the gang. Only now that he's got these amazing powers, he wants to do what makes him happy, which is the OPPOSITE of what the gang wants. The spider inside of him is trying to pull him back to the gang. Will spider or man succeed?

Alright, that's it for this week! This weekend is going to be huge. Free Comic Book Day AND the Civil War movie? Black Panther and Spider-Man in one movie?? You guys is spoiled. Here's the full release list and here's a Civil War trailer for ya. 


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