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An open letter from two Indy city-county councillors

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Bernie Sanders: A Voice for Us in the White House

The decision by the leaders of Carrier Corporation to lay off 1,400 Hoosiers and move their jobs to Mexico has rightfully drawn the anger of many in our community. Although the company is doing incredibly well financially – in large part due to the contributions of their Hoosier employees – Carrier has made the decision to put these workers on the street so they can pay workers in Mexico $3 an hour instead.

Listening to Bernie speak these truths at the rally on Friday, it was easy to understand why he has the support of the local United Steelworkers who work at Carrier. Bernie Sanders pointed out that when the CEO of Carrier’s parent company was fired in 2014, he was given a severance of $172 million. The company’s new CEO made more than $14 million last year alone.

Bernie also pointed out that the company received $6 billion in defense contracts last year, in addition to hundreds of millions more in federal loan guarantees and tax credits over the years, paid for by you and your fellow taxpayers. He called for an end to our subsidization of the company and a reversal of its decision to move these jobs to Mexico; an all too common occurrence under NAFTA.

NAFTA is the kind of terrible deal that big corporations in America have gotten used to: it allows for CEOs to pad their salaries by throwing their hard-working employees under the bus. Too often, Washington politicians write the rules in a way that favors those who can afford to hire an army of lobbyists, at the expense of the ordinary people they are supposed to represent. Bernie fundamentally understands this, and he is a refreshing voice for hard-working families who cannot count on a multi-million dollar severance package.

That’s why Bernie is calling for bold changes like tuition-free public college and Medicare for all. These are policies that will benefit honest, hard-working Hoosiers who worry about how they will send their kids to college or pay for high insurance premiums. They are not things that CEOs need, but for most Hoosiers, they will be transformational and ensure our young people and future work force are competitive in a global economy.

What does VICTORY look like?

We’ll be frank. The primaries are looking more and more like an uphill battle. Even though this journey always was, there are two reasons we write this today.

First, we’re Indiana Democrats. We’re used to fighting uphill battles. Second, as Bernie has said since he entered this race, this election is not about him.

This election is about our values and our vision for a better America; one where the billionaire and the bus driver have the same voice in government. We’re talking about a vision for America where science and civil rights are not up for debate.

Bernie Sanders is the candidate who is fighting for the kind of policy changes that favor ordinary Americans over the status quo. We hope you’ll agree that regardless of the uphill battle, those values are worth fighting for and you’ll join with us in making that statement in the May 3rd Primary with a vote for Bernie Sanders for President of the United States.

Zach Adamson, City County Council Vice President 
Jared Evans, City-County Councillor for District 17


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