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#NUVOpop: Black Eyed Kids

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4/20 Blacked Eyed Kids from Bridget Wilson on Vimeo.

Sorry about the delay! Y'know. 4/20. Blaze it.

Anyway! Here's what you should have picked up last week to read while you eat your marijuana brownies. There were a few spooky titles, multiple Captain Americas and some other goodies! I'll see you again on Wednesday! 


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Black Eyed Kids
Aftershock Comics is at it again! In this new horror comic, the children with the black eyes are here to terrorize the neighborhood. It's some pretty scary stuff. What do they want? Why are their eyes black? What's their damage??

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Dept. H
Matt and Sharlene Kindt return in a new deep sea adventure. Mia is an investigator whose specialty is underwater crimes. She has been hired to investigate possible corruption and sabotage at a deep-sea research center. The crime scene is filled with sea creatures, secrets and much much more! 
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It's a future without a sky. The government has blocked out the view of space to keep the people in line. However, a group of kids are done. They want to know the truth. So they steal a space ship and head towards the stars to live life on their own terms! 

Captain America Sam Wilson #8
The Marvel event, Avengers Standoff, continues in Captain
click to enlarge captain_america_sam_wilson_vol_1_8_textless.jpg
 America #8. If you've been reading all of the event, then you know that the villains have captured all Avengers groups in a place called "Pleasant Hill", where they have no memory of their heroic lives and live very very ordinary lives without conflict, violence or drama. Rogue was able to escape this psychic trap using Professor Xavier's training and she woke everyone else up. At the end of ANAD Avengers #8, the Avengers groups assembled under the leadership of Sam Wilson and a (YOUNG??) Steve Rogers. Now, in this latest issue of Captain America, we get not one, not even two, but THREE CAPTAIN AMERICAS. Sam! Steve! and Bucky! all united to defeat the evil behind this Pleasant Hill trap.
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Huck #6
Mark Millar ends the story of Huck in its sixth issue. Huck and his mother have been reunited under terrible circumstances. Kidnapped by Orlov, a Russian scientist that wants to build an army of super powered individuals to defeat the Americans, Huck and his mother must escape from... Russia!!


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